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Old 16th Oct 2014, 12:29
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Stock market crashing....
I hope all you superhero No Vote geniuses are happy now.
Anna and Co must be laughing into their champers!
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Old 16th Oct 2014, 19:32
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Stock market is fine...

Just a much needed 10% correction to flush out all the weakness.

I wish we could do that at CX...
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Old 17th Oct 2014, 13:15
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Some mental math, assuming there is no increase at all, is that the company has saved on salary alone an absolute minimum of HKD750m over the next 3 years. NumberCrunchero can probably give more accurate figures, but that is an absolute minimum. The real figure is probably closer to HKD1Billion. They saw the pilot body coming and chewed it and spat it out - Good luck with housing, LPA, Roster practices et al - as all these items have now become missed opportunities. Housing and LPA would have amassed much more gain than the 4/3/3. ContractCompliance will have a null effect as the roster can still be played by the company as has been seen in the latest published roster. This outcome and stretching out of small negotiations on salaries and we have missed the big boat with other issues. In a few years we will look back and realize how stupid we have been having accepted an overall further lowering of our conditions. Why vote for a GC when you need to still go vote on a vote about a vote , is beyond me.
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Old 17th Oct 2014, 13:47
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probably very close to that figure.

And if we all work for free they can slash ticket prices by 4%.

And if CC and/or the undermanning causes 0.33% of flights to be canceled then the revenue lost would equal that amount.

And if we saved 1% on fuel per year on fuel that would pay for the payrise.

Disraeli would be proud of me;-)
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Old 17th Oct 2014, 13:58
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I have not seen overtime in months , and if there are many like myself I am sure the company can still squeeze alot more Juice out of us. That HKD 1billion savings on salary plus the potential that could have been gained in housing and LPA over the next 3 years could easily have amassed to half a billion USD's. It is quite easy to now see why our managers saving the company that kind of cash will be rewarded with HUGE bonuses - so no crying boys and girls when we see the financials and company bonuses. Hindsight is 20/20 and we will now reap what we have sowed.
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Old 17th Oct 2014, 22:29
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The purpose of a union gofor is to improve the conditions for all of us. You are telling people on the base to take a lower raise than is deserved because of the future housing negotiations. On the base, we couldn't give 2 shites about the housing agreement. Yet, you vote no to what we need and then will be typically whiney when you don't get the support you want. The pay deal was reasonable for MY situation but was crap for my co workers, so i voted no and am happy i did. Its a union, every deal needs to be beneficial to all parties. Deal with each issue as they come. The USAB and NZ guys got a crap deal and there is NO denying it. Fix that and then we can talk about your housing.
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Old 18th Oct 2014, 02:47
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Sometimes you have to take what you can. You are never going to get everyone happy 100% of the time.

Should we cut the NZ package because they have just received a +15% cash in pocked deal due to them only paying HKG tax....the answer is no!

Should the US based crews be paid the same as in HKG considering they can buy a property for 1/10th the price of one in HKG, or where their groceries are 1/3 the price of my "expat supermarket"...once again the answer is no!

With inflation in the US at records low and inflation in HKG at records high, do you expect everyone to receive the same amount of cash?...I don't think so!

With 90% of our pilot body in Hong Kong, it makes complete sense to reject the offer for the benefit of 10% of the group! wonder management think we are stupid...because collectively we are!
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Old 18th Oct 2014, 03:37
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"With inflation in the US at records low and inflation in HKG at records high, do you expect everyone to receive the same amount of cash?...I don't think so!"

You obviously do not live in the USA. The officially published figure is nothing what real people on main street experience. 10-15% would be closer to the real inflation figure.

It also varies from state to state.
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Old 18th Oct 2014, 04:16
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It's a lovely thought that 49% of the AOA actually voted no on behalf of our based colleagues. The more likely reality is that, regardless of opinion about fairness across the board, most voted no based on their own direct circumstances.

I won't even try to suggest that i know what 49% were thinking but i was thinking that USAB and NZ were final nails in a coffin that had been pretty much sealed by an offer that didn't even match the average cost of living adjustment for a CPA employee.

It's a sub-standard offer and I would want to see an extra 1% added to each year for everyone, the USAB salaries restored to levels that were alluded to when they signed over to COS 08 and the HKPA just awarded to those in receipt of it without making the increase part of the TA.

Not really a lot more to ask.

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