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Dear GMA

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Many of us still remember N.T.S.B who jumped first to ASL and degraded conditions and delayed commands for all of us.....we don't forget.
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Not getting it!

Curtain Rod, You just don't get it do you?

All F/Es knew that one day they would be "obsolete", just as wireless operators and navigators were. But CX were making F/Es redundant BEFORE the demise of the Classic and were using ASL's cheaper crews, with lower Ts and Cs, to carry on the work.

4 driver and cxorcist obviously have a better grasp of the situation than you. You should speak to them.

The point is that CX are not immune to making its loyal staff redundant, even when the positions are still needed to keep the operation going. Even seniority is no guarantee of security - ask the 49ers.

You have stated that you are not trying to win friends and influence people and in that you have succeeded, that is why I suggested that you take the course.
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Sex anyone?

Curtain, Curtain, Curtain!

You tire so easily! It must be all those crap rosters that I read about - I'm sure they will get better, just for you.

Yes, there is nothing like a good screwing.

Enjoy yours, it seems that you could do with one.

I have a great deal of sympathy, indeed empathy, with those affected by the Company's actions that you have listed. It is a pity that you could not demonstrate some of it.

P.S. You obviously still haven't done the course yet!

To the others out there, I wish you well.

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At an immigration queue, chatted up some Air China pilots. They were on the 744, 2 captains and 3 first officers, on a five hour flight. I asked how many were in training: None! And they said on long haul, they are normally 6 pilots on a 744.

That is Air China, and we are facing reducing 4 crew to 3, while they are at 6! An no RQ there, sufficient captains to crew it all the time.

Next time CX says they will align to industry standard, ask them how "cousin AC" is doing it!

Yes, I know their conditions on other points are probably much less favourable, so you don't need to suggest I go join AC thanks.
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3 of them are translators for the other 3 who can't speak English.
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