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Cathay GMA PH fired!

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Cathay GMA PH fired!

Old 15th May 2013, 14:10
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Guess the directors needed a scapegoat to take the heat for all the poor decisions over the last 20 years.
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Old 15th May 2013, 14:21
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Dear Muppets

PH the GMA has resigned for personal reasons and to pursue other interests. We would like the thank PH for his valuable contribution to the SWIRE GROUP over many years and wish him well for the future. BULLDUST BULLDUST BULLDUST
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Old 15th May 2013, 14:45
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They don't need a scapegoat for the last 20 years (they do actually but there won't be one). They need a scalp for the amateurishly embarrassing cock-ups of the last 2! Do you think Swires are going to sit around and be threatened by the French Government and - God forbid - the HKIRD - without asking who the hell was steering the CX ship? It wasn't PH but he'll do as nobody likes him anyway!!
Good riddance - we need leaders - not YES men.
I just hope this isn't a spoof.
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Old 15th May 2013, 15:04
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and we all sing......"Oh, happy days, Oh, happy days when herpes walked, yes, when herpes walked........................

do you think his asshole ever got jealous the amount of shite came out of his mouth ???

yes, Oh yes, Oh yes
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Old 15th May 2013, 16:14
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Good riddance.
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Old 15th May 2013, 20:14
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Cool as a moosp
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Send an NCO to do an Officers work...? I do hope the rumour is true, for all you guys out there.

But just maybe the position has become so complex that it needs to be split up. Even the previous Phil with a mathematical ability the size of a planet was at his limit most of the time, and that was without the extra politics that drained his resources.

The first person you need is a Cantonese speaker to figure out what the staff are really doing after you told them to execute a plan, (remembering that they will change their patois to ensure you cannot follow everything). Then you need a western educated maths PhD to build and run the crew process algorithms.

The third person you need is someone you can talk to (sorry if I upset you PhD guys but most of you speak in tongues when you get going) who relates to crew members and can work with the day to day variability of a crewing system and can make on the spot decisions based on the grey areas amongst laws, rules, local agreements and common sense.

There are these people out there. But you need the cohones to employ someone who is smarter than you are. Richard Branson could do it, and there are many like him who could sacrifice ego for the good of the company.
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Old 15th May 2013, 22:35
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Is it true, that due to the high level of RSVP acceptance by those wishing to give him a good send off, that the Company has had to increase the size of the venue, and that the FOP's broom cupboard has now been booked for the farewell party?
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Old 15th May 2013, 22:44
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Show some decency and give the 18 or so Instructors what they were promised in Terms and Conditions and their seniority.

Honour seniority for upgrades and promotion, reversing the Former GMA policy of manipulating courses (short or long) to allocate courses to suit the company needs only.

Fix the Airbus rosters to allow a decent lifestyle in order to stop the significant difference in course dates for upgrades.

Get Basings started again.

Get a request system that works and gives control over our life.

Bring back Dr Cocks.

Recognise Dragonair is our company and book us in Business on duty.

Stop the rot of PX'ing crew all over the place and generally causing mayhem at any cost just because we want our contract respected. NEGOTIATE fair and equitable rules for utilising the freighter to position crew in order that both sides benefit. for example one for one credit, maximum duty limits for PX ing, maximum numbers on board. Roster the freighter trips so one Capt does not have to operate all 3 sectors on one day.

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Old 15th May 2013, 23:27
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Join Date: May 2013
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So where is that Company Announcement???
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Old 16th May 2013, 01:01
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Haven't seen anything official from the company yet, so you are all cruelly teasing me that he is going!!!!!
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Old 16th May 2013, 01:08
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I think so to. Usually if you are fired, they march you straight out of the door...or they send you a DHL letter!
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Old 16th May 2013, 01:20
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Sh*t dude, you are all so skeptical...

They wanted him out, probably gave him two weeks to come up with a good excuse on why he's leaving and then will send him packing... He wasn't a pilot (who would normally be escorted by security out the door). Though retarded, was a Swire prince and at that level of selling yourself out they need to come up with some spin to put out as a press release.

Last edited by NoAndThen; 16th May 2013 at 01:22.
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Old 16th May 2013, 01:27
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An old saying in Aviation:- don't believe it till you see it parked at the gate.

PPRuNe at its best.....
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Old 16th May 2013, 02:23
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Perhaps with the long weekend starting tomorrow, and with this news spreading like wildfire, the DFO will be forced to put something in his update this afternoon... or better yet it will be a GMA update instead!

I for one think that if they don't address anything today that is further proof that he's gone...
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Old 16th May 2013, 02:25
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Honestly, what difference does it make? It's not like anyone is gonna like the next guy either.

Their job is to work against you, not with you.

Pilots want more $$ and time off, and GMA's want maximization and cost control.

Don't kid yourselves that things will be better.
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Old 16th May 2013, 02:42
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Here's an idea, disband the position of GMA thus saving $$$.
Get a rubber plant and put it in his former office, I hear that this worked quite well in the old Classic office.
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Old 16th May 2013, 03:26
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Actually, I think their job is to make money, as much as possible.
Somehow is got into the Swire manual this was best accomplished with an adversarial stance.
I for one think far greater profits could be realized if both parties weren't working against each other
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Old 16th May 2013, 04:59
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LTICX , bravo.

Cyril, you too. I stand in your knowledge shadow (other posts).

Keep 'em going...
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Old 16th May 2013, 09:48
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Just confirmed by DFO, GMA is leaving in a few weeks.
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Old 16th May 2013, 10:51
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A conversation soon to be heard

DFO: "Are you the new guy Swire House sent down to be the new GMA?"

GMA 2.0 "yeah, but my desk seems to be buried under all these papers"

DFO. "The Chief Pilots brought them up yesterday and ran away muttering something about 1000 D&Gs claiming $100m in back-pay. I have been ignoring this for years and suggest you do likewise. Can you take a call on line 1, the guy sounds official and sounds pretty upset, some French person"

GMA 2.0. "where's my IR specialist"

DFO: "He..err...um .. was fir... (cough) .. returned to flying duties last month.

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