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Breitling watch service

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Breitling watch service

Old 2nd Apr 2013, 06:54
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Breitling watch service

Anybody know a good place in HK for Breitling watch service? It needs a new battery, but the local agent I visited in BKK tells me they no longer service the Aerospace model I own, as its 'discontinued', and he wants to send it back to Breitling for 12 weeks to have a new movement installed! Load of Bollox in my view - the watch is 10 years old but working fine.
Anyone had the battery replaced efficiently here?
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 08:23
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The HKG agent is very good. I'm faced with the same issue (old model) but the local guy made like Nike.

He'll also give it a service and check (and adjust if necessary) the accuracy using a very impressive piece of kit. Well worth it IMHO
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 08:41
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They have a service centre at the Macau ferry terminal . Hong Kong side .
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 09:10
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Was that at Pendulum Meccaco? I had mine done there many moons ago and also need to do a battery. Their Paragon store was a bit clueless, so I was going to go to their main shop in the Maneeya building on Plonchit?
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 09:22
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Shun Tak

Look it up on the Breitling website. It is a kosher service centre in the Shun Tak complex. Proper guy in white coat who knows what he is doing.
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 10:18
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Thanks guys, I'll check out the agent in HKG then - only reason I visited the BKK guy (yeah, Pendulum) was I originally bought it there many moons ago.

Last time I changed the battery was 4 years ago in New York. Done in an hour for forty bucks!
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 11:38
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The Aerospace once known as the Tristar watch, I still wear mine every day after almost 20 years.
I remember one of our legendary Flight Engineers on the Trimotor who had one of the new joiner F/O's convinced that when he passed his initial line check if presented himself to the Fleet Office he would be presented with a new Aerospace.

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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 12:44
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I have a 14 year old Breitling Aerospace, still going strong. I take it to King's Watch at 49 Queen's Road in Central (Tel: 2522 3469) every 3 years or so for the battery replacement. Last done just 5 months ago for HKD200.

If you require certified pressure testing, or need any of the newer Breitling's serviced (they have a different back requiring specialised tools), I would suggest going straight to the aforementioned Breitling China Service Centre above the Macau Ferry Terminal:

Unit No 1416
14/F China Merchants Tower
Shun Tak Centre
200 Connaught Road
Hong Kong

Tel: 2376 0909

I also have a Breitling Airwolf Raven which I have serviced there, as it cannot be serviced anywhere else (that I know of?). Cost for battery replacement in October 2012 was HKD 250 (no pressure testing). They did this while I waited (20 mins).

Good luck!


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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 13:10
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Avoid imitations
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Spooky or what?

I have literally just had my (unused) Breitling Aerospace out of its box, seeing as the clocks sprung forward on Sunday, to set it to British Summer Time but found that the battery has failed.

I was about to ask advice on getting a service done (but in UK rather than Hong Kong).

Can anyone help?
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 13:22
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I had my Aerospace serviced / pressure tested etc last year by the UK facility in Tunbridge Wells. It was away 10 weeks and cost 220, but it came back as if it were brand new. Perhaps not what you need, since yours is actually brand new!

Anyhow, I dealt with a very helpful lady.

Christina Clements
Customer Service Advisor

1 Royal Tunbridge Wells Trade Park
Longfield Road
Tunbridge Wells

Phone: +44 (0) 1892 553 620
Fax: +44 (0) 1892 553 631
Email: [email protected]
Check our website at Breitling - Instruments for Professionals
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 23:12
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Battery lasts 3-4 years? Sheesh, I hope you aren't paying much for those watches.....

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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 00:24
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Shun Tak Centre

Just had the whole digital display replaced ( Dropped the watch and cracked it ).
Replacement cost $1200 HKD - $150 USD.
Very very good price and excellent service.
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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 06:39
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Shun Tak centre - very good and professional.
They'll keep the parts they take out to show you what they've replaced.
Battery new seals and a couple of other replacement bits was a shade over HK$600, with their work guaranteed.
Very quick turnaround too, for me was only 10 days.

Grim EPR - geography lessons are Tuesday nights, and not held in Tunbridge Wells or wherever tf that is,
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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 10:53
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I'm surprised people actually wear watches, obviously an iPhone is a hell lot more accurate for finding out what time it is, you can now even get a watertight case that's good down to 338 feet.
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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 16:19
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you can now even get a watertight case that's good down to 338 feet
I could actually use one that's watertight down to 103 metres. Is that available to purchase???
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Old 4th Apr 2013, 06:08
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Really "cumguzzler" is your name ????

If you don't understand why owning a precision timepiece is different than owning a "iPhone" then you will never understand but with a name like yours what else should I have expected.
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Old 4th Apr 2013, 10:56
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Maybe all those "timepiece" lovers should petition Breitling to open a service centre in CX City, seeing that some fleet offices are selling them as "official fleet watches".....

Then you could all get together and compare who's is the biggest.
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Old 4th Apr 2013, 20:07
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Why does it bother some people that others like nice time pieces? Who cares!
I bet some of you would like to tell others how big their drink cup should be or what kind of house they should be aloud to live in. If you don't like time pieces then move on. I hear NK is a watch haters paradise.
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Old 5th Apr 2013, 13:55
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Try Classic Watch Repair... 11th floor, 2 Carnarvon Road, TST... A guy call Michael.. Tel....21511777

Fluent english, excellent service... very quick and no messing around..

Watch Restoration - ENGLISH
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Old 6th Apr 2013, 16:23
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I like my Ti Aerospace, my Casio Pathfinder and my iPhone. Accessorize for the occasion, go with the Big Gulp, smoke a good cigar, single malt or blend, eat a great burger or tofu, drive a Prius or a Diesel truck, etc. Thankfully, we still have the freedom of choice in many areas of our life.

Enjoy life and don't sweat the nanny do-gooders...unless you live in an oppressive, government environment where even yoga is taxed. Of course, you could be screwed and don't realize it, yet.
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