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China China China no super power ever!

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

China China China no super power ever!

Old 14th Aug 2012, 13:03
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China China China no super power ever!

Whilst China has one airway to coastal ports to Shanghai and beyond. Or the inland route to Beijing, there is no need to build more runways or new airports. The existing airways cannot cope with the traffic. Stop waisting time building runways and airports, your ATC system and restrictions that are imposed by the military are killing the airlines and crippling the airports.

In addition the idea of weather radar in an aircraft is for the aircrew to detect bad weather which needs to be avoided. Thunderstorms cannot be flown through aircraft can be seriously damaged, to the extreme crash. Aircrew don't ask for weather deviation because we won't to zig zag all over the sky, it is for safety of the aircraft. For an aircraft not to be able to divert within the airway width is absolutely unacceptable.

Get a better system before all the carriers operating in China go broke because of waisted resources on a daily bases.

Delay undetermined is not a phraise to use on a daily basis for schedule airline operations.

:ug h:
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 04:00
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We hear ya buddy!!

Trouble is that they don't!!

If they won't approve a required weather diversion then you might have no choice but to declare a Pan or if that doesnt work a Mayday to get what you need.
Followed by an ASR.

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 13:10
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If an emergency is declared (MAYDAY or PAN/PAN), then it's an MOR, not an ASR.

Even more weight!
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 13:30
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Obviously a CX pilot.
Welcome to our world it doesn't improve.
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 23:39
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Its unlikely to change until they are publicly embarassed by the western media.
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 23:48
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After 4 years in China I was convinced the Chinese were the worst ATC in the world......allow me to introduce Perth, WA.
Up to 1:15 delay on ground followed by up to 45 mins in the air. No military control, no real bad weather, no terrain, 2 runways ( but only use 1 ) , 24 movements an hour on a good day, 14 on a bad one, easily the most pathetic ATC system in the world.
Sorry, yes I know that doesn't help your cause much but maybe make you feel better
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 03:34
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Go public, as HKG's 3rd runway wont make any difference and paid for by your money
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 04:18
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"Get a better system before all the carriers operating in China go broke......"

Actually, China may go broke before the airlines do.

Chinese economy is one biiiiiig bubble.

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Old 18th Aug 2012, 05:46
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The ATC in China is powerless. Blame the government and the military.

When they refuse your weather deviations you have 3 options. Go through it and risk the passengers and aircraft, do a180 and divert back to another airport, or do a PAN or MAYDAY broadcast. They should listen after that.

Welcome to China, the future world dominators.

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Old 18th Aug 2012, 08:54
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Time the PLA put all these nefarious whiners and whingers out of their misery.
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 14:17
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Chinese economy is one biiiiiig bubble
No problem, most of them have Canadian and U.S. passports, they will just go there and live of welfare cheques.

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