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The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Old 4th Nov 2011, 21:05
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What is FO pay on the A330? Was there really a 21% raise??

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Old 29th Feb 2012, 08:53
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i am also interested in HKA, please feel free to pm me anytime. any info will much be appreciated. looking at 330 DEC positon.

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Old 1st Mar 2012, 11:09
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Kintea whateverthehell, you really are a little peckerhead aren't you ?
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Old 1st Mar 2012, 16:16
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hi hongkongfooey,

i believe different ppl has got different dreams in their life. what has HKA done to you that you hate them as if they are ur worst enemy? everyone has got a different tolerance or objective in their own life.

please try to be positive coz life is too short.

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Old 7th Mar 2012, 09:40
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Hong Kong Airlines may cancel A380 order - Latest - New Straits Times
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Old 9th Mar 2012, 05:16
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How can HKA operate 74's or A380 when they cannot even operate A330's effectively.
They think money can buy everything, but not years of experience and professionalism.
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Old 10th Mar 2012, 07:44
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..if you pay peanuts, you can only get monkeys to work for you.
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Old 10th Mar 2012, 15:37
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Wot - like the retired Cathay Base Training Captain?
He better not hear you talking about him like that. He'd deck you, so he would, Mr.One Post from Singapore.....
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 02:41
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It's probably the average based on a world standard. But the cost of living in HK will put a huge dent in that. So, yes!
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 05:01
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If you're thinking 100,000 HK sounds like a
lot from your home country you can be forgiven.
Rent anywhere is min 30 for a sh't hole and
50 for anywhere you'd actually want to live
There are taxes on that so 100=85-50= 35.

Still alot right? Ohhh you've kids in school, that's
10k if you can get a slot. Power 2k min, water/gas 1K..

Are you catching on yet? 15,000 usd is meaningless
if it cost 14,000 for basics. And you've still
not saved up to fly your family home...
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 11:06
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errr... I'm sorry.. but if you do a quick search about cost of living in HK, or if you check the census results from 2009 till Jan 2012... you get WAY different values.

Ex (per household, private housing) - 2009/10:
Meals away from home 4.241
food at home 2.234
Housing 10.647
Utilities 694
Alcohol+tobacco 129
Clothing+footwear 1.138
Durable goods 1.250
misc(newspapers to Jewellery) 1.148
Transport 2.442
Misc Services(school to phone and hairdressers) 4.715

TOTAL 28.715

If you take the actualization rate of AV 8% (lets go on 10% to take into account Jan 2012 - First quarter 2012) (also a quick search on the web)

you get TOTAL 31.600 (round up)

Obviously, these are averages... and if you take a more expensive flat then the 10k there... your bills do increase... but I don't see where this will make ALL your other bills increase as well. If you want to live in a 50k apartment.. go for it... but you can easily find an 18k in lantau as well.
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 12:01
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Mad there are numerous posts stating the cost of living here.
Take heed, HK is very expensive city
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 12:13
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cost of living


I think you need to do a bit more research in regards to your budget; further you didn't state for how many people this calculation has been done for...

If you think you can get a kid into a school for 4.5k a month you are dreaming - 700 bucks for electricity especially in the summer will not cover it either. On top of that you conveniently forgot 15% tax in your budget.

Fact is that HKA is paying below market rates for a pilot based IN HONG KONG. The salary on offer might look good in the Middle East with a villa provided or in Spain with a house on a 20 year mortgage.

We all understand that you might be a Spainair pilot out of work but have a careful look - the Middle East is a better option considering all the problems HKA has been facing.
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 02:26
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Dude, I'd say you're on crack, but you couldn't afford it working for HKA

Meals away from home 4.241 - Possible. If you're single
food at home 2.234- Even Maids get more. Not a chance, Single maybe 3500
Housing 10.647- Cheapest 1 beder in TC is 15K. If you have a family your talking 27K for a cheap 3 bedroom (2bed and closet) in TC
Utilities 694- HA! Look at internet cost from any provider, my biggest summer power bill was 5K alone, + water ect..
Alcohol+tobacco 129- dude, thats not even 1 bottle or 1 pack of smokes..(no duty free cigs in HK FYI)
Clothing+footwear 1.138- whatever..
Durable goods 1.250- again.. not sure what you mean
misc(newspapers to Jewellery) 1.148 again not required.. could be 0
Transport 2.442- 4K min.
Misc Services(school to phone and hairdressers) 4.715 -This is so far off its not funny. School Bus is 4K, School is 10K (look up esf school fees. They're online)Phone will run you 500 min,

and as mentioned.. where is the tax?

You can believe what you like in Sunny European, but the reality is not as you think
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 04:12
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I left HKA years ago but when I was there.

I lived very frugally, had no wife or kids, lived in 700 Square feet on Lantau island, did not drink, smoke or party and I am very good with money. My average cost of living was 45000 per month.. Just to live. Do not forget you will need to pay for all your familys airline tickets each year to get out of Hong Kong.

That 700 square ft apartment is now 14000 a month, friends can not get kids in school for less than 10,000 a month plus the huge debenture per child. And the cost of living has skyrocketed.

OK so what does a First Year Captain make at CX
You can not even compare a first year Cathay captain to HKA. The Cathay captain contract from 5 years ago was $168375 Plus Schooling, 6 weeks paid holiday and all the other perks of the job.

Was the census specifically for Hong Kong based expat workers or an average of Hong Kong People? If it was for the later forget the results totally as we do not live like the HK people or shop at the wet market or eat 5 dollar fishball soup daily when sharing the 400 square ft apartment with 6 other family members.

Last edited by changi.prison; 16th Mar 2012 at 07:17. Reason: cathay details
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 05:33
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Hi guys, i think

-register ur kids into local school system will not need 10k per month. there are plenty of local schools around. if ur kids still very young, then language wont be a problem coz they learn new things fast. better still if guys dun have kids yet. in fact learning mandarin is the way forward in the future!

- plenty of accomodation to choose from. there are 35k high class apartment but do u really need such a big space? if we really wan to go to hkg, we will have to accept that hkg is a small country. so we wont mind to go for 2 bedroom apartment ard 900 sq feet in tsingyi station for 20k per month NOT 35k!!!

- HKA NOT paying 100k salary per month. much more than that. try to ask them.

- last but not least, Hkg is in ASIA, where all the monies and opportunities are. forget about europe or US.

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Old 16th Mar 2012, 05:56
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 09:11
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With the company for 5 yrs.

AAI GUY and Changi.prison's info are a little out dated.

Housing in tungchung (as of today), fully furnished 700 sq feet 2 bedroom apartment going for HKD 11.5 K. In caribbean coast. 3 bedroom 1000 sq feet units cost about 15-16K. another capt just moved in to CC recently.

S56 bus to work, assuming u are a short haul pilot going to work 15 days a month @ less than HKD 4 per trip, - HKD 120 per month + late night finishes taxi only HKD 55 per trip. Busses/ train to Causeway bay, wanchai only HKD 50 return trip. I dont know how the amount of HKD 4000 came up. In fact, I personally never spend more than HKD 1000 per month on travelling expenses. Maybe they calculated using taxi to go everywhere.

Utilites now come with HK Gov subsidiary of HKD 150 a month. Being a single short haul pilot, a minimum of 2 layover outport every month, I only get billed less than HKD 1500 for 2 months (coz certain bills like water etc, only comes once in 2 months). And yes, I am a tech savvy guy using a significant amount electricity in my gadgets.

Phone bills with a 2 year contract is only HKD 248 a month inclusive of 900 mins which I never exceeded and unlimited data.

I spend about HKD 250 a day on meals when I am in HK. Well, I am not always at home. Not forgetting layovers etc.

So for a single guy, I spend around HKD 40 000 a month INCLUSIVE of tax of 15%.
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 10:08
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Come on 7x3, you are an airline pilot. Live like one, use a good cab for your errands not buses or trams. Eat well and healthy, your health and well being is of paramount importance. With the pollution problem and general unhygienic surroundings, you will need very good air filters, ionizers and pricey organic health supplements. All these cost lots of dough.

Don't live like a miserly tramp; for goodness sake, you are a upper middle class professional. You need to live like one, not just act like one!
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 10:22
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@sevenx3: tudo joia?

@changi.prison: Info directly from HK.gov website: census. So Its a general overview of HK pop. Data by household as far as I know.

guys, my location might say "sunny europe"... but as an info... I grew up there, and all my family's there (well... 60k from there ) and yes... I love fishball soup

I KNOW hk's expensive, never said otherwise... but the thing is, HKA paycheck, compared internationally.. its good.. (for a FO that is) (emirates doesn't offer me anything... since I don't play in a sandbox for some decades already and my goal is to get back to my family).

Besides, other real option to move back home is to go either as a CX SO (thanks, but NO thank you), or KA FO.......FO.......OLD FO on the not-so-near-rather-distant future.

Been talking with ppl there, and they do say we need to keep our cool with HR.dep... and as for a fixed rooster...well... lets just call it a rooster for now (of sorts).
But they're flying about 50/60 block a month (A330) and overall happy with the job. No complaints toward admins. The company's growing (like it or not), and its gonna compete with CX group... so... lets say that in a 10 years window, I'm better off in HKA then in KA (not cutting second option out, mind).

just like icemankk2001 said... Hk's in Asia... live it as such
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