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The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Old 3rd Mar 2008, 07:04
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and its counts as Multi Crew time as well.....thats the best i have heard this year.With these [email protected] at the helm, the co wont be there in 18 months!
14 people just got a lucky escape...... i hope the rest of the crew have irons in the fire!
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Old 6th Mar 2008, 01:00
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Exclamation HKA Management Speak: Translation

"I have tens-of-thousands of hours wide-body time"

= I have 5000 hours TOTAL.

"I have thousands of wide-body command hours"

= I have 900 hours wide-body command

I thought the translation may assist those who are not familiar with the dialect spoken.
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Old 9th Mar 2008, 07:40
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" We have 50 airbuses coming "

There may be 1 more 737 turning up, to make up for the one we're losing

" You will be flying a widebody by the end of the year "

You will be flying a widebody by the end of the year........... for KA or CX or QF

" We have too many FOs "

We have too many FOs that are the wrong nationalities.

" This is an extremely good pay package "

The guy working the DB toll gate is jealous of what we earn

" I am very experienced in Airline operations and this is going to be a great airline "

I am smoking crack
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Old 9th Mar 2008, 08:59
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demise of hong kong airlines

throw out RG with his fancy titles , high handyness , god like attitude and butt lickers and bring back ZEB KHAN to run the circus

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Old 9th Mar 2008, 09:37
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zeb's dead baby, zeb's dead
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Old 9th Mar 2008, 15:29
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"I've done my research. Have you done your research???"

I asked my mum and she said I was right.

"Put you and me in a sim together and I'll show you how good I am"

No one will fly with. Will you fly with me? Will you be my friend?

Somebody send this clown back the circus he came from.
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Old 9th Mar 2008, 23:43
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"I've done my research. Have you done your research???"
"Put you and me in a sim together and I'll show you how good I am"
What the? Please explain what on earth you're on about
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Old 10th Mar 2008, 00:17
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I know you keep checking this forum and it is wise you do not reply....... since anything you say or do is reflecting how stupid you really are
it seems your groups evil plans are working! The round eyes are leaving in droves. The new regime will get their ethnic cleansing as proposed. All they'll have left is that two faced F/O to follow you all around and suck your fingers!
What a great combination for a new airline.....hiring direct entry captains who don't have a clue what they are doing and put them with your puppy dog F/O who thinks he knows what he's doing! Maybe you could make him the first training F/O and teach captains how to taxi.

Those are ACTUAL quotes from new management. Self explanatory.......
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 03:06
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An airline going nowhere

It never ceases to amaze me that there is still all this talk about airbuses going to HKA.

Even after the president gave his propaganda speech (before the new bedwetter tried to sell his bullsh*t pay scheme), he specifically said that Hainan airlines buys aircraft under the HKA umbrella to avoid tax issues and the red tape of getting approval from Chinese Government, exactly the same reason why it looks like HKA had 30 737's on order but they only have 7. What happened to the one aircraft per month from 2008?
The president even said, that HKA have to prove they can operate the airbus IF they arrive.........

HKA is no longer getting anymore aircraft, because Hainan are disappointed with HKA Management. They are useless.

With the current Manager of Ground operations in charge, you can see why the airline is falling apart. OTP is ridiculously low(despite the new bedwetter trying to blame the reason on flight crew), they cancel flights with low loads. They get all pi$$ed off and hang up the phone on Flight crew managers after pilots refuse to operate into freezing rain conditions?? And then go crying to managers arguing "we must be seen to be trying"........
What idiot gave him a managers job? He obviously has no idea about anything to do with flying operations. So how can he handle 50 Airbus? And this is only one example of how this ******** f&$ks up.

And now these new idiots coming in from AHK blowing their own trumpets are going to add to the mismanagement. The new bedwetter has already made a fool of himself by pretending to be an experienced pilot, and by being "proud" of his new pay scheme. He wonders why everyone laughed when he presented it. The way of the future? What an idiot.
So because of this new bedwetter, lots of guys are leaving..... Meaning lots of new training required for new entrants, meaning more expenditure.
Its a matter of time before Hainan asks why they are spending so much on training, especially since alot of retraining will be involved(not to mention the bedwetters retraining since he didn't meet the standard in Korea, and the no shows of 8 new Captains in Korea).

Another reason why no new aircraft will be going to HKA.

Who cares if the new management can have a better rapport with CAD. They can all wet their beds together, but it doesn't change the fact that it is going to be run into the ground.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 03:59
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Someone told me yesterday that they were getting a B747 Freighter.

I pissed my pants laughing.

Unless we're talking about a toy model for WuWu-La's desk, it ain't never gonna happen.

Since having left this joke of a company, life has never been so good.
Just heard that almost EVERYONE of the 14 "unexperienced" pilots that were let go found work.

Most with other larger HK Airlines.

Since that another 1/2 dozen have resigned with atleast 5 more waiting for starts elsewhere.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 13:22
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Lightbulb Found a sim partner for HKEHKA

HKEHKA couldn't be arsed listening to his troops at the so-called 'open forum'. Well, he might be wetting more than his bed if he keeps his eye on this forum...... Has the company got a contingency fund to pay off the CAD to fast track the incoming cheap labour when there's only 5 f/o's left??????

It took 4 months to come up with that laughable package?!?!...... You really live up to your dumb C*&^T reputation.

Seriously, bring back ZEB!! hmmmm, think we found you a sim partner- between the 2 of you, it might only take 2 months to figure out how to set the park brake.
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Old 11th Mar 2008, 16:11
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Don't worry Adam Air had another overrun today, two more pilots looking for a job with HKA.
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 01:28
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INDONESIA'S transport minister warned that budget airline Adam Air may be forced to halt its operations after a series of accidents involving the carrier. In the latest incident, a Boeing 737-400 operated by Adam Air with more than 170 people on board overshot the runway at the airport on Batam island yesterday, causing damage to the plane and injuring five people.
"We are giving them a chance to improve. If there's no change, we will place them in the third category," Transport Minister Jusman Syafii Djamal said.
The third category under the ministry's rating system means the airline has three months to improve before its operation is suspended if it does not improve.
Adam Air was in the second category, which means it has fulfilled minimum safety requirements but still has deficiencies.
Adam Air spokesman Danke Drajat said the airline, which flies mainly domestic routes but also to Singapore, was doing its best to improve its safety standards.
"We are completing all manuals and revamping the standard operating procedure," said Drajat.
In January last year, an Adam Air plane crashed into the sea off Sulawesi island, with all 102 on board missing and presumed dead.
Indonesia's airline industry has grown rapidly in the past decade following liberalisation, with the launch of new players and a wider choice of routes across the sprawling archipelago.
However, the country has suffered a string of airline disasters in recent years, raising concerns about safety standards and prompting the European Union to ban all Indonesian airlines from its airspace.

Is it true that HKA are actively seeking the services of a certain 1-2-GO Captain and the Garuda Yogyakarta ace

Can't wait to see some of the new ( and old ) hires in the 'Bus, should make some good reading in the SCMP
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 05:06
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T & C

Ok does anyone has T & C on these guys on hand..
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 08:47
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If asking stupid questions was an science you'd be a professor!!

Of course there are people that have this kind of information (like me) just not willing to share it with you or somebody like you or any other scab.
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 09:10
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If asking stupid questions was a science you would be a professor!!

Of course there are people that have those (like me) we're just not willing to share them with somebody that can not read or do a simple search. There's a wanabee section for questions like this.

Please tell me reading is a requirement for recruitment
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Old 12th Mar 2008, 09:32
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What is of far more concern is why someone would want the T&C's of a company in this state.

Are you a masochist 696?

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Old 12th Mar 2008, 15:04
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No, Look at Jet Jerky's past post. He is a low time South East Asian pilot.

He's just trying to get a job, even though he is really barking up the wrong tree here..

Not part of the current in crowd.
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Old 14th Mar 2008, 00:52
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Perfect if he has low time.
Just need to tell everyone he's got thousands and thousands of hours jet and come up with a ridiculous idea for a pay scheme, and then be adamant that its the way of the future and he could be HKA's new GM.

I'm sorry jet jerky is bearing the brunt of this. Maybe he could spread the news in his part of the world.......DONT GO TO HKA

The company is a ticking time bomb with idiots that have no experience in running an airline in charge.

You'll be looking for another job in 6months anyway coz the idiots will run the airline into the ground, or God forbid, you'll be writing an incident report explaining why your Captain f*&ked up(I'm talking about new captains coming with the new regime).

Do yourslef a favour and stay away!!!!!
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Old 14th Mar 2008, 07:00
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anyone has the latest Ts & Cs? mind to share the payscale?

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