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The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

The Demise of Hong Kong Airlines

Old 4th Feb 2008, 12:59
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Yeah good onya beerboy, not everyone is content to cower like a snivelling mongrel dog as you suggest. Be an ar$licker if you choose, but don't expect anybody with any sense of dignity to follow your lead. "sit, sroll-over, good doggy"
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Old 4th Feb 2008, 14:37
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Dear hoof harted, who said anything about cower? When does doing the job you were employed for means that you're arse licking? I wonder if you yourself work here, if you do I would gather that you are a bit of a hypocrite as I haven't heard anyone who fits your description, i.e. someone challenging the management, as all I can see are the remaining boys and gals going about their jobs, getting the hours and getting themselves out of here.

If you are one of the boys, gals who was sacked, then you have every right to be pissed, confused if not downright F%^ked off. If you feel that you want to take your anger out on me, then I hardly can do anything to stop it and indeed if it makes you feel better then go right ahead.
As it stands I am making a statement of fact, anyone who is half a decent pilot and is pissed off with the company knows there is only one thing to do, that is to get the hours and move on, why would you waste any more time and energy at a place where you are treated like a dog(there you go hoof, you heard me say it!) .

As for fighting back and getting some sort of payback..please hoof harted, enlighten me in how you intend to do so?...I'm guessing there will be no reply as i am only a good dog, however, if it does humour, please tell me how I should be a disobedient doggy? I, like you would like to hurt the company, but doing it the only way that would be practical, and that is to leave when I can. Now what is your idea of hurting the company?

To make a statement to the press, it will be headline news for a day, maybe a bit of a uproar for two days, then the person who made the statement made it anonymously and goes about his(her) business of gaining hours. This person probably felt better for it, and hand of applause for the ingenuity, but why waste time going to such lengths when you could be studying for that job interview, or even going about applying for one.

Another option, a statement with pilot's name attached, therefore probably giving the management an excuse to fire them, very brave and good for him or her, then go look for another job, should be employable in todays climate, maybe not, and then what? go and get the hours somewhere else, not as nice, rainy India, maybe or cloudy China.

Give me a clue, as being just a dumb good dog, I don't have any..and when you come up with one, I shall either piss on it, or bark to your approval, but in the meantime, I reckon you'll be content shouting down from your high horse at us lowly mutts. ruff ruff

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Old 5th Feb 2008, 13:01
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Glad I left this outfit a few years back, never have looked back once!!!

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Old 6th Feb 2008, 00:15
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Given management of all companies (not just aviation) have a habit of lying...

how are the pax loads on average at HKA? If they are not good, I would bet that the real expansion plans are being scaled back, and they decided to "shave" pilot numbers to save some cost.

To decide who, comes politics (read nationality), "teamwork" (read "does he just suck it all up"), and ability (could be any definition) to decide who goes. Sadly, its rarely the latter that makes any difference.
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Old 6th Feb 2008, 04:42
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Does anyone have a link to the SCMP article ??

Good luck with the job hunt guys!
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Old 17th Feb 2008, 08:38
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I've heard that the sacked pilots were told their "lack of proffesional experience"... ie: 'jet time'... was the reason they were being let go even though some below them on the 'seniority list' were not... and also why new f/o's will replace them.

then why is a young local pilot who was let go for various performance related issues 're-hired'/brought back/whatever in favour of those recently let go. I understand this chap has virtually no experience. Not wishing him any ill will of course... good luck to him (not his fault)... but just wondering how HKA management justifies this.

Oh... and i also heard about the new 'package' you fellas got.

Last edited by Eff_Ohh_Ron_Jeremy; 17th Feb 2008 at 09:18.
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Old 18th Feb 2008, 01:01
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Yep, new package, too little too late, many more resignations to come.
2 FOs and 1 skipper throwing in the towel in coming weeks, another 6 or more FOs to follow if sucessful with KA.( and they will be )
Only sad thing is I think Management are foolishly happy to see all the expats leaving.
The new package was an insult to FOs with less than 1500hrs jet and will see Captains able to earn ( overall ) as much as KA FO, if they do 90-95 hrs/month. Still crap sick leave, holidays, staff travel etc etc etc .
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Old 18th Feb 2008, 02:12
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MR GREEN........We pay taxes here in HK so that they can keep digging the roads up. It'll be a nice place when it's finished.........

I have an idea, when advertising for Pilots, if you want JET EXPERIENCE, put it in as a requirement!!!! Don't change it months later!!!! Glad to see a couple of my mates left before this happened.
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Old 18th Feb 2008, 03:42
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new package?? new package?!?!?

You mean the company PAYCUT which you can join on a voluntary base....
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Old 18th Feb 2008, 22:36
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You can (and should) opt out. They CANNOT change your COS unless you agree.

The whole thing is insulting.
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 21:25
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what is happening next to hka/hke ? did anyone receive the open forum mail ?
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 04:27
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Dont ya just love it
3 resignations ( 2 capt 1 FO ) in the last fortnight and about 6 ( possibly more ) definites in the next few weeks
Most, if not all, of the " fourteeners " have jobs, and are alot happier.
Cant wait for the arrival of the 50 'Buses , even if they did come, who is going to fly them
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 10:41
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hongkongfooey, maybe you can pack your bags up and leave instead of pointing out all -ve thoughts & Bi**tChIn NON STOP ! it's so good out there so just leave and DO NOT WASTE your time where ever you are at now.

there are still too many extra fo's and more to come and will come so it dosen't matter 6 or another 16 leaving (exisisting ones can get more flying) and also for the commands to leave it will be a good opportunity for others to fill up their seats.

good for the 14's who got jobs and i would like to wish then best of luck !

there are alot of pilot's out there still available around the region to fly the upcoming airbuses.
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 12:57
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You must be taking the pss.

You try and rally the troups by posting a bogus email address to join a union and then turn around and support the b/s by your latest thread.

Confirms to me that you are either one of the slippery singasnakes or your in their back pocket.

Suggestion : do what you do best and fk off
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Old 29th Feb 2008, 23:40
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Well said chickflick.

Singasnake - love your work
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 04:41
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Agreed, I smell a rat
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 05:04
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Just a little help for you today;

"Deluded" - verb, to mislead the mind or judgement of; deceive.

"sycophant" - noun, a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

On the other hand maybe you are much happier living in a parallel universe enjoying your meal of trouser-snake.

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Old 1st Mar 2008, 07:00
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Thread Starter
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Lyin' City

HKEHKA, let me guess,

Zeke Lah?
Mdm. Wu Wu Lah?
Little Dickie Lah?

Your living in a dream world lah!

More resignations to come, best of luck lah!

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Old 1st Mar 2008, 08:34
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Hey HKEHKA, what makes you think I am still in the Barnum and Baileys
This is an ANONYMOUS rumour network tool, do you really think, unlike yourself, I would give away who/what I am and where I am going/gone/been.
You really are a lot dumber than you look.

there are still too many extra fo's
Say what you mean dude, " too many extra Aussies/Kiwis "

commands to leave it will be a good opportunity for others to fill up their seats.
Yeh, you can put some more guys in the LHS that have not a clue what they are doing.

good for the 14's who got jobs and i would like to wish then best of luck !
Was going to say a pity there was no last on first off used there, but you actually did them a favour

there are alot of pilot's out there still available around the region to fly the upcoming airbuses.
Bah ha ha ha ha
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 01:34
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Becareful what you say coz its obvious who you are.

You have the be the dumbest to ever write in this forum.

HKEHKA are not going to get many more applicants. Word is out about the snakefaced c%nts that run the show, and the inexperience they have are rapidly f&%kn things up. HKEHKA will only get those pilots who have bought their ATPL's from corrupt authorities.

I wish I knew that if I flew in formation with another couple of aircraft I could log it as multi engine time????????
According to one of the new managers, that is the case???????

Need I say more...............
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