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xrayalpha 28th Mar 2021 18:26

NPPL rating revalidation

Have a club member with an NPPL Microlight and NPPL SSEA, and a LAPL.

NPPL Microlight rating expires at the end of March 2021, so he was signed up by me for another two years since he had done an hour with a microlight instructor (so an hour on the class of microlight and an hour with an instructor) and more than 12 hours in the 24 months and at least six in the past 12 months (while his SSEA was current) and 12 t/o and landings.

His problem. His SSEA rating lapsed in September last year. His LAPL is not current since he last flew with a light aircraft instructor about three years ago. He owns his own light aircraft, so has plenty of hours.

Is it correct to say: he has to do one hour with a light aircraft instructor and then he will be good to go with his LAPL? Assuming he has all the other hours and t/o and landings etc.

Is it correct to say that he can only renew his SSEA rating by test? There are no Covid extensions that would help?

He is due his first vaccine this week, and partner due their in a month or so, so would rather not sit in with an instructor/examiner for a while if it can be avoided.

Finally, for the future, is there any way people can align different NPPL ratings to the same validity dates?

Whopity 28th Mar 2021 18:41

Seems to me the simple solution here is to do a Prof Check to revalidate the LAPL and use the same check to renew the SSEA.

xrayalpha 28th Mar 2021 18:50

Yes, that what I advised - and meant when I said test! Ooops! Although isn't it a test for the NPPL rating if it has lapsed?

But he (or/and wife) wonders about keeping away from others for a while longer.

Whopity 28th Mar 2021 19:27

Yes its a GST but the content is the same as for a Prof Check but needs some oral questions.

xrayalpha 29th Mar 2021 10:49

Apologies for more, I can see I am going to get a few people asking as lockdown ends!

So, if he has the hours for his LAPL as laid out below from CAA web site, he just has to do an hour with an instructor - not a LPC with an examiner - to get his LAPL valid again. And then a GST whenever he wants within reason - for his NPPL.


The privileges of your licence will only remain valid if in the last 2 years you have met any of the following conditions as pilots of aeroplanes or TMGs:
  1. have completed at least 12 hours of flight time as PIC or flying dual or solo under the supervision of an instructor, including:
    12 take-offs and landings;
    refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with an instructor;
  2. have passed a LAPL(A) proficiency check with an examiner. The proficiency check programme shall be based on the skill test for the LAPL(A);

Whopity 29th Mar 2021 11:23

Correct, but you can do one trip and kill both birds with the same stone

ifitaintboeing 1st Apr 2021 06:54

Yes its a GST but the content is the same as for a Prof Check but needs some oral questions.
Oral theoretical knowledge examination is only required for a SSEA Class Rating where the rating has expired by five years or more in accordance with ANO Schedule 8 Part 3 Chapter 2 Table A (4).

Whopity 1st Apr 2021 17:42

Sorry, forgetting that my original CAA Aide Memoire which required oral tests for all class rating tests is now out of date.

topoverhaul 2nd Apr 2021 05:37

If he has the hours, then the LAPL privileges can be regained by an hour with an instructor. The NPPL SSEA is superfluous as the previous rationale of being able to be validated by a medical declaration is now also the case with the LAPL.

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