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BristolScout 5th Oct 2020 12:59

Repatriating FCL
I'm assuming that, once we're out of the EU, the concept of EASA/Non-EASA aircraft will disappear. It would be nice to think that the CAA's stated roll-back of gold-plating will lead to most, if not all, recreational pilots being able to fly on the basis of a medical declaration, rather than a Class l/ll certificate. I can't find anything on this topic on the CAA's various offerings. Has anyone heard anything relevant?

BigEndBob 5th Oct 2020 18:28

I think that a self declaration after a initial medical and ecg would be fine for PPL's up to age 50. After that a visit to an ame with ecg and biannually would do no harm. I have seen a few over 50 and slightly younger have ecg with abnormalities with hurdles to jump before getting class 2, in some cases life style changing. Self declaration for older folks seems bonkers to me, even if it meant an annual check with your GP. I have seen to many with eyesight and mainly hearing problems at 70+ when doing checkouts/LPC's.

BristolScout 6th Oct 2020 20:49

Your points are well made but I'd caution against casting the over seventies as a bloc. Some of us make great efforts to stay fit and I still have my own teeth! Seriously, though, my point is more of a high-level policy position. Pre-Covid, the regulators seemed to be moving towards a view that if a person is safe to drive a car, he/she can equally fly a recreational aircraft. It would be nice to think that the CAA GA Department might start with a blank page once freed from the dead hand of Brussels.

Fl1ingfrog 7th Oct 2020 09:46

Wishful thinking in the main. The ICAO compliant PPL will continue to require an ICAO compliant medical. The UK will, of course, be free to make its own rules for national operations as it can now, but without the burdensome matter of "EASA aircraft" and "national aircraft".

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