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timprice 17th Mar 2020 09:38

Extensions to PC's etc
I hope our CAA will be looking at how we can keep going, with so much crew down time, PC's and Skills test might become very difficult for a while as an industry we should be asking for help especially for our own survival and the future of whats left of our industry.
Best wishes to everyone in these very difficult times

Trevor Farmer 17th Mar 2020 12:36

16 March 2020 Page 1 of 2
Official Record Series 4
United Kingdom
Civil Aviation Authority
Miscellaneous No: 1350
Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 Publication date: 16 March 2020
General Exemption E 5021
I think this refers.

this is my username 20th Mar 2020 10:21

Only applies to commercial crew.
Asked about FI/FE revalidations and was told that if we are able to continue delivering training and tests then why wouldn't we be able to undergo revals. The problem is that right now it's more of an economic issue than a safety issue.

timprice 27th Mar 2020 18:09

EASA Extension
Just out ORS4 No 1354

Hope every one is safe and well.

MrAverage 27th Mar 2020 19:02

I thought it came out 4 days ago, has it been amended?

BEagle 28th Mar 2020 10:02

MrAverage wrote:

I thought it came out 4 days ago, has it been amended?
The alleviations are first promulgated under the ORS4 series. Subsequently they are made available on the SkyWise system when CAA corporate comms does so. Given the large number of ORS4 alleviations of late (with more to come next week), the time between ORS4 promulgation and SkyWise release is likely to be more than normal.

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