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UK FI Course Exam

Old 21st Apr 2021, 21:25
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UK FI Course Exam

Evening Chaps/Ladies.

I have my FI exam date looming. Whilst I have found the course challenging, I have found it thoroughly rewarding. My flying skills have honed up an incredible amount in 30 hours of Flying. My instructor has said my flying/delivery is where it needs to be, as are my briefs/long briefs. However, I keep hearing horror stories re the Oral exam. I've been given Standards doc 10 to look at, and try to mull through the question bank. Now, its been a while since I completed my ATPLs but there are several things in there that have left me scratching my head. Furthermore, it seems to me to be an incredible amount to try and remember??

Basically, I'm just looking to try and establish how tough (or not) the oral examination is, and how others prepared for it. Also, if there is anyone who has sat their FI test recently and would like to share examples of the types of questions they got asked or if there is trend on types of questions getting asked recently that would be huuugely appreciated.


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Old 22nd Apr 2021, 12:08
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As you have found with the FI course the skill test (Assessment of Competence in EASA parlance) is equally friendly and productive. The ground part is to assess that you are able to communicate adequately such that the student learns, just the same teaching in the aeroplane. It will be assumed that you have the minimum knowledge. A major required skill that is assessed is are you in control of the brief both long and short. The examiner may ask questions not relevant to the brief as a student will do in real life. It is expected that you do not allow such distractions but keep the brief on point. Remind the examiner, as you should a student, that the question will be dealt with at another time when appropriate: i.e. if it is a short brief do not be distracted into the long brief detail. A short brief is to prepare the student for what it is to be learnt during the flight that follows and what they should achieve.

Most important is not to guess or bluff which is the worst crime that any instructor can make. What you wrongly tell a student will stay with them for ever. If you do not know the answer then say so. Whatever you do, do not dig holes. Stay within the limits of your knowledge. Remember the level of training will be for an ab initio student to fly an aeroplane safely and not that of an aerodynamicist or a lawyer. You will be given notice with regard to the long brief a number of days before meeting. You should be able to produce the short brief in 15-20 minutes on the day and it should be no longer than 5-6 minutes in presentation.
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I’m a bit surprised you’ve been given Standards Doc 10 “to look at”. It should have been a substantial part of your 125 hrs theoretical knowledge groundschool.
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Thank you for your insight - much appreciated. I feel slightly more at ease!
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Poorly worded throwaway on my part. I have had it since day 1 and it is something that is referenced on a daily basis.
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STDs Doc 10 is the first document I give to my students and is an integral part of the course outside of the fundamental teaching and learning aspects of flight instruction.

I suggest they “prepare” a quick “off the cuff” and a more detailed “long brief” response to each of the 220 or so questions at the back and note references to where the information is in the ANO/AIP/FCL docs.

Be as prepared as you can...FIEs appreciate that you won’t know everything about everything and are looking for a safe, structured, well delivered and technically correct presentation in both the ground and airborne exercises. Never bluff or bullshit. If you don’t know the answer then admit it and explain where the answer should be able to be found.

It’s hard work and you’ll be knackered at the of the AOC - but it’s hugely rewarding and the sense of achievement at the end is massive.

Good luck
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70 Mustang

Really well! One of those days where everything ran as smooth as could be expected really. My examiner was a real industry legend, and we found lots of common ground discussing vintage/interesting/taildragging aircraft. The oral exam which was the part I was really concerned about wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating although I did struggle with a couple of areas. What I didn't realise and what he explained afterwards is that he was testing my knowledge throughout the course of the day, during our conversations around various operational matters, aircraft handling, safety, WX, etc etc.

Anyway, all well. I passed! And now an instructing FI which I am loving.
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