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New PPL exam questions.

Old 15th Sep 2015, 23:23
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New PPL exam questions.

So, anyone out there taking up the offer to write the new CAA PPL questions?
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Old 20th Sep 2015, 20:22
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They are changing the questions again!?!?!
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Old 21st Sep 2015, 12:48
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We haven't been notified about any new PPL exams and I can't find any reference on the CAA's website. A bit more info would be useful ...

Edit: Bah! I've just realised that when I saw the word "write" I interpreted it in the American sense - as you were.

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Old 21st Sep 2015, 21:45
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E-mail received 11th Sept;

"Tender for PPL theoretical knowledge questions

One of the key projects of our GA Programme to improve our regulation and oversight of GA was to develop a new alternative EASA LAPL/PPL (A) flight and ground syllabus (which you can see here PPL(A) Syllabus). We’ve also launched an alternative EASA LAPL/PPL (H) flight syllabus (PPL(H) syllabus) and we are in the process of finalising the PPL (H) new ground syllabus which will be available shortly at General Aviation | Types of Operation | Operations and Safety.

The next stage in the process is to develop new theoretical knowledge questions which are more suitable for today’s environment and which are relevant to both the EASA LAPL/PPL syllabus and the new alternative EASA LAPL/PPL syllabus. To achieve this we’ve launched a tender inviting applications to undertake the work.

If you are interested in responding to the tender the full information can be seen here. The closing date for tender applications is 21 September."

Looks like times up.

So another last minute to hash together some questions.
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Old 22nd Sep 2015, 08:12
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E-mail received 11th Sept;
The closing date for tender applications is 21 September."
Obviously based on their own 10 day turnaround time, but does include 2 weekends!

The new syllabus is more suited to today’s flying environment.
Teaching people how to fly really has not changed in 100 years so I guess this is "Cratise" (the language of aerocrats) for removing irrelevant rubbish!
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Old 22nd Sep 2015, 08:55
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I find this whole pantomime quite saddening.

How much money was wasted in not doubt hiring two Ex RAF navigators (I've no idea if that's true just making it up) who were obviously completely distant from PPL training. They then produced a load of totally irrelevant questions that didn't even comply with EASA requirements.

They then went on to completely ignore all the representatives from industry who pointed out they were not fit for purpose.

They then cut them down to the right number so they were EASA complaint but then had the tenacity to announce this as a success for GA. WTF

Now if I had been that incompetent at work I would have been sacked.

And just how much money has been wasted with all of this? its no wonder its 90 quid to put a rating on a licence.

I hope they get in right this time.
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Old 22nd Sep 2015, 12:56
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I hope they get in right this time.
Looking at the published syllabus it appears nothing has changed.

The RAF Navigators were employed back in the days of writing ATPL exams, because the Navigation group questions, pre CAA, were actually produced by the RAF College of Air Warfare, so that's where the expertise lay. These CAA Ground Examiners became redundant around 1999 as the JAA question bank emerged, but of course there were no PPL questions, as it had never been the JAAs intention to include the PPL!

PPL questions became a sideline of those ex ATPL instructors who primarily filtered the worst of the JAA questions. None held flight instructor ratings and none had ever taugh PPL theory.

The BMAA produced their own PPL questions which the CAA printed, SLMG questions originally came from the BGA, maybe there is a clue here!
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