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faa written test facilities abroad

Hi everyone

i decided to take the FOI, the AGI and possibly the IFR ground instructor tests although i have a couple of questions i would like you to shed some light upon.

i will be in montreal canada in february 2012, do you know of any facility where i can sit the test? - i will be at the BTC - and i was hoping not to have to drive to the US just for a day to sit the tests!

i bought the software from gleim and as i run it, it asks me if the exam i will sit will be either CAT or lasergrade, is there a difference in terms of question-bank or is it just the way the questions are presented?

i logged on both websites - cat and lasergrade - but i could not find any location outside from the US even using the INTERNATIONAL option. The website provides a list of the exams at 150$, is the FOI and the AGI considered to be the same exam or they are two distinct ones?

Many thanks

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Try here:

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With due respects - I would suggest that you ignore the above linked document which is from 2003 and use this one directly from the FAA website which is current and shows that Flight Safety is the place you are looking for.

CATS and Lasergrade are the two designated companies who are authorized to conduct the testing. The questions are downloaded directly from the FAA's bank.
The only difference is slight in terms of the presentation.
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