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212man 23rd Mar 2021 12:10

Dornier Do328 Turboprop - low speed directional stability
I am looking for information on the directional stability characteristics of the Do328 TP at low air/groundspeeds, whilst using reverse thrust. The AFM has a caution about reverting to ground idle by 60 KIAS, or earlier if directional control issues appear, but are there any ex-328 TPs, TCs or SFIs (or regular line pilots) that can give more details? Is it prone to rudder blanking, for instance?

sycamore 24th Mar 2021 00:54

Mi a heading wanderght jut be loss of wing lift causing it to roll/wallow which can then cause,`a la Reliant Robin`.,aggravated in a x-wind...,or maybe just re-ingestion of engine exhaust...Not flown one,but the Herc could be occasionally like that....Might also be easing the n/wheel loading on the r`wy ,in reverse...

212man 24th Mar 2021 09:26

Thanks. This relates to a runway excursion, where continued use of RT seems to have led to directional control issues that ultimately full pedal was unable to correct. Wind was 3 kts....

DB6 28th Mar 2021 11:06

I recall the rudder used to kick around a lot under reverse at low speeds, unusually so compared to other types, however by 60 kts nosewheel steering was normally in use and reverse cancelled - for comfort reasons as much as anything else. No problems when powering back but at low forward speeds reverse not pleasant.

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