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rouelan 15th Apr 2019 10:46

Boarding times in main hubs
Hello there,
I am curious to know what are airlines policies when it comes to start of boarding on widebodies.
Asking here and there, it seems there is no common policy, even for a given aircraft type / gauge, from H-50 (US carriers, AF) to H-40 (KL, LH for example).

Would someone know for BA or VS (both LHR and LGW) ?


rog747 15th Apr 2019 10:55

In my day we would try to start to board a 747-200 an hour before if the CC was happy and they were fully ready - if not at around -45 mins before dep.

You can do it in 20-25 mins if all the pax are at the gate and boarding is done strictly by seat row numbers but frankly those days are gone -
I once boarded a 488 seat Orlando with 14J and 474Y pax in just over 20 minutes

Also at outstations or on remote stands with 2 sets of steps boarding can be done in 25 mins if you have your sh** together

rouelan 15th Apr 2019 11:04

Regarding sequencing of boarding, yes, it seems that most airlines go for zone boarding, based on FFP status, fare, rather than seat number. I am not convinced it is not less efficient in terms of time need to board but scientific studies tend to prove it.

And for sure, with the tight MCTs all around the place, it is unlikely that all passengers are at the gate well before departure

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