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aergid 30th Jun 2014 01:45

Whats happening with Swissport at LGW?
Swissport getting it in the neck at LGW, anyone with local knowledge know whats going on?

750XL 30th Jun 2014 11:07

On their knees at MAN too...

Bigbluebroxi 2nd Jul 2014 17:23

A disaster at both stations by all accounts after the merger/takeover.

Bfs bloke 4th Jul 2014 09:03

Bfs a mess
Bfs is in a mess too after the takeover... Bring back Menzies :ugh:

The96er 4th Jul 2014 16:44

Very little to do with Servisair takeover at LGW.

Actually due to internal changes, not related to Servisair at all.

Staff were not lost nor gained as result of Servisair.

Speculation seen on here is ridiculous sometimes

Care to elaborate ?

TOWTEAMBASE 4th Jul 2014 21:02

Whats happening with Swissport at LGW?
The mess is at Swissport.......Servisair LGW are now aviator not Swissport, therefore the mess at LGW is not down to the Servisair buy out. They are just a shower of the brown stuff, end of. Think the guy who was steering the ship at LGW is now looking for employment elsewhere

MaHell 9th Jul 2014 22:34

Swissport LGW a mess? It doesn´t come as a surprise for those who worked at ARN during the years Viking Airlines/Hellas, Hermes and other dogdy airlines operated LGW-ARN-Iraq (to, ISU or EBL), using ARN as transit station, due to restrictions UK-Iraq.
We never ever received telexes (LDM, PSM, PTM and above all - SOM) from LGW. Ringing LGW was always a farce "Really? OK, we vill send!". Usually nothing happened. Sometimes MVT, LDM, LDM, PTM - all of them with different pax figures arrived.
When flt arrived nobody O/B - F/D nor Cabin - had any idea how many pax was travelling to ARN or staying on to Iraq. "No, they didn´t tell us at LGW". Baggage to ARN was always mixed - sometimes behind - transit baggage to Iraq.
L/S LGW-ARN was always a joke. E.G it could show 500 kgs in a CPT and we could see about 100 bags.
Crew bags (Crew getting off at ARN) were stowed "anywhere". I once watched a F/O climbing over about 100 transit bags, desperately trying to find his Crew Bag behind transit bags to Iraq.
I wrote dozens of reports. Nothing ever happened.
Swissport LGW a mess? "Really?"

MINIMUMGROUNDTIME 19th Jul 2014 23:34

no that wasn't the guy..

The man in question, came into Lgw last year to (in my opinion) attempt to change the business model to make it more profitable. But he failed, and unfortunately has managed to destroy not only our reputation, but also he is now damaging gatwicks reputation at the same time.

Bearing in mind everyone gatwick wants a second runway, the tales and wos of people waiting for their bags for two hours plus will not do gatwicks case any good for a second runway, and they will be anxious to ensure Swissport meet their obligations as a handling agent.

I believe now at least one contract has served 90 days notice, and I would imagine it won't stop there.

the men and women who work there on the frontline, do a fantastic job. Is it their fault the airlines demand as much as possible for as little money as possible?. My opinion is that unless you can adapt your business model, and stay In front then there's very little point in operating there in the first place. Profit margins are the talk of the day, service level agreements aren't.

Take a big airline for example, assuming they employ staff to over see the hagent, caterers, and cleaners etc, they will expect a high service. They will expect a decent clean, onetime bags, and catering regardless of the price. When one day the hagent delays a flight, the reps will be fighting hammer and tongs to defend their position, and to demand as to why the service is not being achieved. The pilots and crew may do the same thing, they will expect that all the bags will be loaded on the flight on time, they will expect a decent clean. When the third party suppliers fail, the pilots, crew, local airline staff are not happy. But go to the main office, speak to the accountant, talk to the procurement manager who is on commission for every £ he saves. The accountants are happy, the airline is making better margins... But crucially the SELF is happy as every year, the airlines have to compete with one another, and as a result keep their prices as low as possible.. Let's imagine it now, if you paid £100 one way for a flight to Malaga today, do you think they would be happy paying £200 next year? That's why the airlines can't put their prices up..

From what I understand at Lgw,Swissport we're attempting to be the biggest handling agent at gatwick in terms of market share. They were hoping, that by taking on lots of work over the last three years, they could see off competition. Then once gone slowly increase their prices. But due to the robustness of the business models of Menzies and to some extent servis air they failed. The only option was to buy out servis air, which backfired at gatwick, as they had to sell off servis air straight away.

As a dispatcher, (or now a flight supervisor) With over ten years experience at the airport,it's now fair to say anyone can do my job. So when companies do huge recruitment drives through agencies, prior experience is no longer needed. I'm just glad that when a captain asks me what his zfw is, or asks me a CG related question I can at least answer it without looking like a idiot. I feel sorry for those who are coming in, who just don't have the basic foundations that we all once had.

JB007 27th Jul 2014 03:59

Swissport LGW
Swissport LGW not popular!

Good weekend for overtime!

STN Ramp Rat 27th Jul 2014 06:23

I don't see it getting better until the end of the season

DespairingTraveller 27th Jul 2014 10:15

Out of interest (I'm holidaying out of LGW shortly), would I be right in thinking that this mess is also affecting outbound travellers with baggage missing flights?

It would seem remarkable if the "resourcing issues" were only on inbound traffic, but, of course, outbound problems won't feature in the UK media. Most of which hasn't picked the problem up anyway.

Blue-Shamrock 89 27th Jul 2014 13:18

I'm sure BA will address this with their chosen handler.

I thought ground handlers are judged on their baggage delivery times?

At least when travelling with Easy Jet you get ground handling by Menzies

Out Of Trim 28th Jul 2014 04:00

BA did address the situation by making their own staff redundant and employing a handling agent that couldn't cope with the extra work in the first place!

You pay your money and get what you deserve!

DespairingTraveller 28th Jul 2014 10:14

That's what I was afraid of.

As a paying passenger, I don't want the problem "addressed", I want it solved...

Sound like I'll have paid my money and won't get what I paid for... Or my bags!

Exascot 28th Jul 2014 10:36

Hand baggage only is the solution. As tour operators we can't belive the size of our client's suitcases for two weeks in a sunny climate. Come on, what do you really need apart from your passport and credit card? Good idea to put clothes on for tbe flight though.

T250 28th Jul 2014 11:32

Hand baggage only is not a solution.

Unfortunately most people require at least some things to be packed into hold luggage, not least because of the ridiculous security rules around liquids that prohibit holidaymakers from taking suncream etc in hand luggage. It is not cheap to buy this locally, if at all in most European charter destinations.

No doubt those travelling on flights with airlines such as BA may also be going for extended trips etc so need a lot more than 1 rucksack of clothes.

Exascot 28th Jul 2014 11:54

T250 I take your point we have the advantage of having two homes which are equipped with everything we need. Did have to post the leatherman to Greece this year though. If it wasn't for the laptop I could commute in what I stand up in. Think however customs may get out the rubber gloves :eek:

DespairingTraveller 28th Jul 2014 12:09

Yes, but why am I (who is paying for the service) having to work round the failures and general incompetence of those who are paid to provide it?

And whereas I understand your point, and had already decided that's what we'll do for the sake of a quiet life, it isn't actually a proper solution, because:

a) there are various categories of items that are not allowed in carry-on baggage. And others, which are allowed (like small knifes and scissors) but which can and do fall foul of different rules in other countries, and to the general "rules is what I says they is" attitude of security staff. I don't go on holiday with the inclination or intent of spending my time going round shopping for everyday items that have been stolen off me by officialdom.

b) we now have to waste our time and money buying sizes of products we don't want, simply to meet the bizarre restrictions on liquids, etc., when we could simply have thrown our existing supplies of our products of choice into checked baggage.

c) using up my cabin baggage allowance for clothing, etc., means I can't use it for other items I wanted to take - e.g. as I'm an amateur astronomer and my wife's a birdwatcher, we were considering taking a small portable telescope with us. They are our hobbies and interests, why shouldn't we enjoy them on holiday? We have previously. But that idea's now dead. Not everybody wants to just lie on the beach or gawp at churches, castles and megafauna.

In essence, I am tired of air travel. Certainly for leisure purposes. Navigating your way through a Byzantine web of luggage sizes, security restrictions, etc., that change from week to week, journey to journey, carrier to carrier, airport to airport, country to country, just to "enjoy yourself" is bad enough to start with, and is ceasing to be something I'm prepared to do, without throwing in the likely failure of suppliers to deliver the service they contracted for!

Bigbluebroxi 29th Jul 2014 18:10

Its not just as easy as snapping your fingers and it being fixed like folk seem to think. It takes about 3 months to get just a basic baggage handler ready to go with all the training thats required and all the hassles involved with getting an airside pass.

Extensive training is then required for opertaing the machinery, getting driving permits etc etc.

There is also the issue of the wages being low, in an area where (correct me if im wrong) jobs arent exactly thin on the ground, so getting staff to comit to this for what may only be a temporary problem will prove difficult.

Obviously somebody has made a total cock up, theres no way "planing" would have been done so badly.

Hopefully the situation improves over the winter. Just hope the situation in LGW and MAN doesnt lead to a loss of work at other stations who are doing a good job.

STN Ramp Rat 31st Jul 2014 08:12

Monarch leaving Swissport ??
Monarch to terminate Swissport Gatwick contract - www.travelweekly.co.uk

Monarch to terminate Swissport Gatwick contract
By Lee Hayhurst | 31 July 2014 at 08.51 GMT

Monarch Airlines is understood to have told baggage-handler Swissport that it is terminating its contract at Gatwick amid continuing problems at the airport.

Monarch has already moved to use alternative provider Menzies at Luton and Birmingham airports, and has put Swissport on 120 days' notice at Gatwick and Manchester.
Aviation industry sources told Travel Weekly about the move by Monarch following a series of baggage handling delays in recent weeks caused by staffing problems.
Both Monarch and Swissport refused to comment on contractual arrangements. However, it is understood Monarch has already started looking for a new contractor at Gatwick.
The Times has reported that other airlines may follow Monarch's lead and predicts further chaos this weekend as the big summer getaway continues.
It quoted unnamed airlines as saying the situation could be wore this weekend than during previous pinch points, particularly at peak travel times.
The latest problems at Gatwick occurred last weekend when passengers experienced severe delays late on Saturday night and into Sunday morning.
This followed problems earlier this month, when customers had to wait up to 90 minutes for their bags, and in June.
Swissport issued an apology saying the latest problems came after “a sustained period of consistent baggage handling throughout the busiest day of the year”.
It conceded service levels fell in the early hours of Sunday morning but blamed the volume of delayed arrivals. In a statement it said: “Despite having already increased our resources to support the off‑schedule activity we were still unable to fully accommodate the handling of off-schedule arriving aircraft during this period.”
A Gatwick spokesman told The Times: "Gatwick is working closely with its airlines to improve the performance of Swissport in line with the airport's own high standards of passenger service."

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