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lcr2011 24th Jan 2012 11:33

Interview with Jet2.com (Dispatcher LBA)

I have an interview with Jet2.com for a Dispatcher role at Leeds Bradford.

I have been doing my research about the airline itself and have been preparing for the obvious questions such as:

Why do you want to work for Jet2.com?

Why do you want to work as a dispatcher?

What do you bring to the role?

hence wondering what other aspects can I prepare for?

also any advice regarding anything relevant to the role and the interview will be highly appreciated.

Thank You

750XL 24th Jan 2012 15:20

Focus on safety, security and time keeping as much as you can as that's what they'll like to see in a dispatcher. Push yourself as a pro-active person who is able to work effectively under your own influence and capable of co-ordinating and managing a team of people while sticking to the strict rules and regulations within the aviation industry. Communication is a big part of a dispatchers role so try and add this into the interview too, give examples of previous work if you can.

PM me if you've got any more questions and I'll help :ok:

Gee08 24th Jan 2012 17:07

focus on time keeping there not interested in anything else. plane broke? can it fly? yes? send it...

lcr2011 27th Jan 2012 01:21

Thank you for your advice, took them on-board and the interview lasted an hour.


allsaint 31st Jan 2012 11:20

I have a Passenger Services interview coming up, any hints and tips for preparation would be greatly appreciated.

lcr2011 23rd Apr 2012 12:36

Got the job
Thanks to all of your advice I already have the job, it is a great experience to finally work in an environment you enjoy and dispatching 737s and 787. :ok:

750XL 23rd Apr 2012 12:51

Just make sure your loadsheet doesn't say '787' when you're dispatching your next Jet2 aircraft :}

Stonebaked 10th Jul 2014 11:08

Has anyone else got anymore useful information on this. I've got a similar interview next week.

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