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man_on_a_mission 4th Aug 2009 17:00

Servisair: Are we all in this together or just some of us?
Never posted before and probably won't ever again, but there's just something I've got to get off my chest.

Have you ever noticed how everyone at Servisair in Stansted is pulling more than their fair share of weight in light of current circumstances, from the STLs, the ramp lads, the night shift and the undercroft. So why is it that certain individuals in so-called managerial type positions seem to be excused from having to put up with all the inconvenient changes the rest of us have to suffer through? Perhaps if I'd have done an apprenticeship in tea-making then I could have applied for a similar position.

call100 5th Aug 2009 11:17

I think you will find it's true of management where ever they lurk......and at what ever company.....
Sorry state of affairs British management...:eek:

GRIZZLER 5th Aug 2009 12:02

Are We all in this together Or Just Some Of Us!!!!
I am sure their day will come, what with the new loss of the Aegean going to heathrow..(if true)..there will not be anything left for them to manage by the end of the year......and if there is, it should not need cargo and ramp management to run the place.

Well done :D man_on_a_mission......a very good post, but it will fall on deaf ears.

Subject 117 5th Aug 2009 15:02

Here we go again...

How many times do we have to hear this blinkered point of view :ugh:

I can't help but feel this is another person who has created a second idenity on here just to cause problems :hmm:

Hounddog1 6th Aug 2009 16:13

It just depends on how much Manchester will put up with and the lack of work on the GH side - Aegean has joined Star Alliance group and that is how it got slots into LHR. Apparently from winter season onwards.

Manchester will not sustain under-performing stations, or in this case parts of station, they knows whats going on, and GH have been on a knife-edge for a while. The departure of Aegean, may well be the final push and be sent to the guillotine[apologies for poor spelling].

boeingbus2002 6th Aug 2009 21:00

who will handle them at LHR and what terminal? Or hasnt that been decided yet?

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