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psa-baby 23rd Nov 2007 16:59

servisair training
hi i am a newbie to the airport world and am needing some help!! i have just been given a position with servisair as a passenger service agent and have a 3 week training course to complete can anyone give me an insight as to what to expect???? has anyone just done this:confused::confused:

sat1 23rd Nov 2007 17:04

take a very thick book for you and tissues for the trainer

psa-baby 23rd Nov 2007 18:43


finding_nema 23rd Nov 2007 18:48

Hi psa-baby. I've not worked for Servisair, but have worked as a PSA before, and during your training you'll be covering areas like security, customer service, how the airport works, individual airline policies, using check-in computer systems and possibly learning manual check-in also. My course was only nine days long, but it was only handling one airline and the days were quite long, but hope this gives you a rough idea.

psa-baby 23rd Nov 2007 19:11

thanks for that!! looking forward to it but have heard very mixed feelings on here and wasnt quite sure what to expect!! :hmm:

TOWTEAMBASE 23rd Nov 2007 23:01

You will love it. Tad boring to begin with, but if you can put up with dangerous goods training, AAA and Security, and the 24hr clock for a few hours in a classoom, then the irrate pax that you have to face should be a walk in the park. And you should listen to sat1.he/she is a trainer within servisair after all.........allegedly:D oh, and by the way, get your glad rags on,its the xmas party on the 12th, :yuk:

Subject 117 24th Nov 2007 22:14

Sorry to dash your hopes there towteambase but psa-baby wont be at Stansted.

The training goes something like this

3 days corp induction
6 days passenger training
5 days computer training

The computer training length will depend on what system you will be trained on. Then i would expect you will have some online shadowing after that

TOWTEAMBASE 24th Nov 2007 22:32

I dont recall STN ever being mentioned there my old china, just passing on what i have come across in the past. Im sure there is some corporate stuff they have to do that is generic to ALL stations.

Subject 117 24th Nov 2007 22:46

wasn't that mate, just your mention of the Xmas party that's all

psa-baby 25th Nov 2007 11:52

i have about 7 xmas parties to go to this yr so one less is one less hangover i have to suffer!!
thanks for all your comments so far its been interesting!;)

eoincarey 26th Nov 2007 00:16

or you could do what i did. Do 2 days of Pax Service training, get bored as f**k, and then nag your way onto Dispatch.
Way more interesting.

TOWTEAMBASE 30th Nov 2007 20:21

Sorry it took so long to reply 117 but its december, you know...the month you have xmas parties, im sure in the servisair fold there may be OTHER stations having a knees up that night....think outside the bubble son

TOWTEAMBASE 30th Nov 2007 20:25

Anyway PSA, how you finding it

psa-baby 1st Dec 2007 08:31

easy! i have come across fire safety and health and safety and codes ect before as an agent so that bits ok its airline policies and info that we are on at the moment.....:)

love4music05 1st Dec 2007 14:53

do you have like mini tests on wat u have learned? x

psa-baby 1st Dec 2007 16:57

yeah they are all multi choice so its a bit easy really but the last one i did was written answers no choices there then!! :uhoh:

love4music05 1st Dec 2007 17:12

oh dear lol i better get learning lol.
i cant wait to start but im a bit nervous!

psa-baby 1st Dec 2007 17:16

i was too but you really dont need to worry as they are great trainers and make it simple to understand and learn :) dont forget no jeans and trainers though smart casual only!

love4music05 1st Dec 2007 17:53

ah yeh iv got some black trousers to wear, dont know what top yet, what did u wear?
Have you got your uniform?? what kind of shoes do u have to wear once you start? doesnt say anything about them?! x

psa-baby 2nd Dec 2007 18:49

i had black court shoes used to have them for work anyway and casual shirts 3 quarterlength tops that sort of thing!! its a pain i am waiting for uniform to come through takes about 2 weeks apparently after contract is handed in. should hopefully see it next week!!!:ok::):)

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