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Monarch Engineering

Old 13th Dec 2018, 22:02
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Monarch Engineering

It looks very bad for Monarch Aircraft Engineering at the moment.
After the badly handled Flybe split they're losing contracts. Apparently there is an announcement from the big man tomorrow.
I've been told it's very grim in the hangar at BHX.
Good luck to all the engineers, remember there's a shortage at the moment and there are better companies to work for.
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Old 14th Dec 2018, 11:41
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Not looking good, company is now up for sale. If they are losing/lost a number contracts, why would anybody buy them?
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Old 14th Dec 2018, 20:27
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Boeing and lufthansa interested by all accounts , Ditching flybe was one of their better decisions,
Great facility at BHX someone will snap it up without doubt
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Old 14th Dec 2018, 20:50
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wBoeing’s maintenance arm is the favourite i hear .

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Old 25th Dec 2018, 10:10
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not good new developments yesterday , doors closing imminently
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Old 26th Dec 2018, 10:02
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So sad, was at MAL for 28 years, still get upset about it. I hope MAEL survives.
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Old 31st Dec 2018, 07:59
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Vulture Capitalism

Mismanagement by the shareholders who didn’t invest as promised. Hopefully a reputable aviation company will take over and realise the true potential of the business.
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Old 31st Dec 2018, 19:08
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Keep up ! they've gone !
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Old 1st Jan 2019, 09:00
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Originally Posted by bvcu View Post
Keep up ! they've gone !
Care to expand?
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Old 1st Jan 2019, 19:00
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Well, they no longer have line mainteance, so just the base facilities at BHX and LTN (and an unfinished composite building up the M1). So, defualting on monies owed to your supply chain may not have been the best move, unless the administrators knew all along that it would "cause" the wind up.
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Old 3rd Jan 2019, 12:53
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In the current edition of Flight International they report that Quote - MAEL debt was £138m and had a ''cross company guarantee'' inherited from Monarch Airlines. The approved CVA will allow the MRO provider to cut the amount it owes or give it longer to pay. It was approved by 90% of the creditors. The guarantees are with two off shore companies who own 75% of the debt, one of which has bought MAEL for £1.- Unquote.

So, IMHO whoever wants to pick up MAEL will face a tough negotiation and a big bill. Having worked for it's forerunner AEL, I hope someone does.
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Old 4th Jan 2019, 04:52
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Have gone into administration as of today, no more base (hangar) maintenance, but the Training Dept and the CAMO are going to continue to trade under administration, while a buyer is found.
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Old 4th Jan 2019, 13:59
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Old 4th Jan 2019, 17:32
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Ring Jet2, or apply on line or how ever you have to do it in this day and age. Opportunitiess coveringa all aspects of the engineerimg operation.


Road show, Birmingham next Wednesday, might be bit busier than they originally expected.

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Old 5th Jan 2019, 04:53
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As an ex MAEL’er, good luck to all the guys in LTN & BHX.
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Old 5th Jan 2019, 22:35
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Very sad to hear, MAEL have some very good guys !
If any of you are looking for a job (sorry for the short notice) Altitude Global are holding recruitment roadshows at the following addresses
  • Birmingham Airport. 7th and 8th January. Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport. 14th and 15th January. Hampton by Hilton.
Good luck !
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Old 6th Jan 2019, 22:10
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Originally Posted by Doc Q View Post
Boeing and lufthansa interested by all accounts , Ditching flybe was one of their better decisions,
Great facility at BHX someone will snap it up without doubt
Flybe is Monarch's biggest customers, so falling out them was an idiot move, which in turn put off other companies. Flybe has snapped up 138 engineers at Birmingham & Manchester so their gain. Thankfully Flybe has more structure to it than Monarch so will probably survive.
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Old 9th Jan 2019, 20:59
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I understand the hangar at Birmingham was owned by MAEL, as they're looking for a buyer for the training and CAMO side of the business, is the hangar is not included in that sale?

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Old 22nd Jan 2019, 21:49
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MAEL's assets are to to be auctioned off, where a lot of maintenance history will go under the hammer next week
Many excellent aircraft Engineers around the world did their apprenticeships over 50 years at MAEL (& previously ATG).
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Old 24th Jan 2019, 10:49
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An extremely sad ending........Some of those Douglas tugs at LTN are seriously old and have been extremely well looked after (I remember them being used on Britannia's!)
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