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Can a B2 licence holder, certify GA radio annuals.

Can i as a B2 holder with type ratings on 'big' aircraft Boeings etc, certify a radio annual on GA aircraft ? I hold no type ratings on GA aircraft. I believe that certification on GA aircraft is outside the scope of my licence. Am i right or wrong guys ? Any valid input appreciated
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On my licence I have a 'type rating' called Full Group 3. This gives you authorization to certify work on 'Piston- engine aeroplanes (except those classified in Group 1).

Without that specific type rating on your licence I would say you could not certify work on a GA aircraft as you don't have the appropriate licence.

I must stress I'm no expert, but I hope this helps.

All the best

The Doc
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Can a B2 certify radio annuals

I believe you need to have a type or group rating which covers piston engined aircraft to be able to make the certification,I have these group ratings on my EASA licence transferred at conversion from the section L licence.I have questioned the CAA in the past as to whether I can certify radio annuals on light aircraft while being current only on large aircraft,I came away more confused than ever as they would not say yes or no just what do you think you can do in the end I decided not to bother. It may be worth a call to the CAA to check up as they may be more helpful now.
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No, you will need Type or Full group, if your talking Group 3 Aircraft,
Part 66 & Part M refers
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In days of old your GA A and C licence even with type didn't cover the radio.
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