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Grayfly 23rd Jul 2022 19:54

Hacked via Facebook, what now?
After many years of safe FB'ing I've been hacked and my FB account is under review as the hackers started posting inappropriate stuff not in line with FB and FB disabled my account. In the meantime the hackers are buying FB adds via my linked Paypal account. I've managed to stop Paypal allowing this and my bank is now aware.

However, I have absolutely no means of contacting FB to advise this is happening. I can't find any email addresses for FB.

Concerned that authentication via texted codes doesn't appear to work. Hacking must be easy.

Has anyone any experience of this and how it resolves?

Asturias56 24th Jul 2022 08:45

Happens all the time to friends (but not to me so far)

They seem to resolve it eventually

NutLoose 1st Aug 2022 14:50

Any help?


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