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rans6andrew 21st Jul 2022 10:11

on line card game broken?
After joining a Canasta group (weekly meetings in a hotel bar - what's not to like?) we are learning to play the game. As a learning/practice aid we found that you can play the game on line against a bot at CardzMania. handy, as you can play whenever you have a few spare minutes without needing anyone else to have the same few spare minutes. This has worked well for a week or so but my wife started to check out some of the other features of the CardzMania website and has apparently broken her access to the game. Selecting the game goes through to tthe next step but attempting to play bombs back to the game selection page. Possibly she tried to bring some gambling feature into play, a symbol at the top of the game page shows some gambling credits, we don't know how to use or cancel them............... The website is still working for me, on my computer, so we assume that there is some issue with cookies on her machine causing the problem. Neither of us have to log in to the site, the games access doesn't require it. It has been broken for her for a few days, the computer has been rebooted, we don't think, but it has been suspended.

Can cookies for individual sites be removed?

What else might be coming in to play (or lack of play!)

Slow answers appreciated, I want to improve my game and get ahead while I can:)


sealo0 21st Jul 2022 10:31

Hi Rans 6

I use "cookie auto delete 3.8.1" if it's any good or not I'm not too sure but it seem to work.
Other may have a different view.

Prop swinger 21st Jul 2022 15:59

Cookie editor add-ons for Firefox.

Just browse to a site, click the toolbar icon & you should be able to edit & delete all cookies for that site. Refresh the page & they will all come back but at least you are starting afresh.

rans6andrew 21st Jul 2022 19:17

Thanks Prop and sealo0, we stumble around in the menus for FF and eventually clicked on something similar to suggested and voila! All working again.

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