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Mike6567 5th Sep 2021 12:33

Missing email between iphone ipad and Mac
I have never had this before but an important email arrived on my ipad and I replied (from the ipad) but later noticed it had never appeared on my MacBook (it was on the iphone).
Not sure why this happened as I normally use the MacBook for most emails but sometimes iphone or ipad and they always show on the MacBook (for records etc)
Any obvious explanation?

Asturias56 5th Sep 2021 13:09

one email missing? Try Outlook - it loses and mis files stuff on a daily basis

Mike6567 5th Sep 2021 14:29

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 11106508)
one email missing? Try Outlook - it loses and mis files stuff on a daily basis

I did have outlook but it broke some years ago.
The email came up OK on Thunderbird on a PC so strange it missed my macbook - it could be an error on my part but i don't think so.

Herr Bus 5th Sep 2021 17:46

Have a look in spam. My iMac always puts emails from my wife in spam even though we keep retrieving them and marking as not spam

Mike6567 5th Sep 2021 18:17

Not in spam.
However I checked in sent (again) and found my reply - with the lost message.
So no sign of the original message in inbox but comes up in the sent messages box (ie reply to this message)
All solved now but was to do with someone moaning they hadn't been paid - when they had.
Strange as it was reasonably important and was lost (for a while - though I did have a printed copy)
One of those glitches that show you have to keep an eye on everything.
Sorry - rather boring.

Jhieminga 6th Sep 2021 11:54

I am assuming that you have all of this set up using an IMAP account. This should, normally, sync everything between connected devices but the main repository is still on the e-mail server of your provider. So, when in doubt, you can always go back to the webmail page of your provider and find the message here. If things look different between devices, you may have specific sorting rules in place within the local e-mail application.

Mike6567 7th Sep 2021 15:17

Thanks Jhi. I didn't think of that. Everything still on the btinternet provider account.
Excellent tip. Thanks.

Mike6567 21st Mar 2022 09:17

For info:
This is very odd as the emails that cause problems are from my estate agent who is selling my house.
There have been problems with the sale (taking ages) and when I refer back to messages they seem to have disappeared.
All very strange so to avoid any future problems I am printing copies (from the agent) - but still not sure why the message I read on my ipad is not in the MacBook?

Nightstop 21st Mar 2022 19:52

Are you sure the emails from your agent are really from them and those you send are to them? Not uncommon for property sale/purchase communications to be intercepted and spoofed. Result could eventually be funds transferred into a criminals account, which is rapidly closed upon receipt.

Jhieminga 26th Mar 2022 09:49

Just a few general tips here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guid.../mlhlp1224/mac

Mike6567 7th Apr 2022 15:34

Thanks for the tips.
No money transfers involved but aware of possible scams.
I never solved the problem but very few emails involved as most communication is by phone

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