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TURIN 7th Jan 2021 12:39

Afternoon all.
I've got a problem with my dad's PC. He bought a new machine but it doesn't have a DVD or CD Drive fitted, so he asked the supplier and they sent him a unit, he fitted it but when you load an audi CD in, it crashes the PC.
We thought it was a faulty DVD drive so they sent him another, it does the same. I've removed it and refitted it on a different power cable and a different SATA slot on the MB but it still does the same thing.
Any ideas?

NutLoose 7th Jan 2021 13:15


stevef 8th Jan 2021 00:39

A driver issue maybe? You could try going to the Device Manager - CD/DVD Drive - Properties - Driver Tab and then Uninstall Device. A new driver should automatically install when you re-boot. I can't understand why a supplier would sell a computer without an optical drive though (unless it's a laptop).

NutLoose 8th Jan 2021 01:13

Very few pc use them these days as software becomes digitally streamed, they have or are going the way of the floppy disc. Take MS flight Sim, thatís over 100GB so the disc version comes on 10DVDís. Hence I downloaded mine in under 2 hours, heck the updates which you need are 15 GB each.

Asturias56 8th Jan 2021 11:24

But if you try and make a boot disk W10 takes you to a W7 backup routine which requires a DVD........................

stevef 14th Jan 2021 20:11

It would be good to get some OP feedback as the solution (if any) could be useful to others with the same issue.

TURIN 14th Jan 2021 22:33

Thanks for the replies all.
We have given up. Tried all the above but no dice. Sent it back to the supplier.
If it comes back fixed I'll try and find out what they did.

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