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Keygrip 23rd May 2008 00:45

Dualview (Nvidia)
For various reasons I recently changed out a motherboard - which then revereted the video system back to a *VERY* fristrating configuration that I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I solved.

One PC (Vista Ultimate 64 bit). One video card (don't ask about SLi), NVidia GeForce 8600 dual DVI ouput. Two LCD monitors....

17" "Samsung" on the left side. 19" "Sceptre" on the right side. Both choice and physical dimensions demand this way round to fit into the furniture (or they would both be 19" or larger).

NVidia control panel gives me dual view set-up configuration options that include two options in each of two scenarios;

Option box 1: Which way would you like the monitors? (Choices are...)

Samsung Left, Sceptre Right (Yes) or
Sceptre Left, Samsung Right (No).

Option box 2: Which monitor would you like to be the primary?
Samsung (No)
Sceptre (Yes).

Select and click "Apply"

As soon as I click "Apply" it resets itself to Sceptre Left (Primary), Samsung Right.

This means that the monitors are showing correct image (Primary and Secondary) but are reversed - so mousie will demand to scroll off the right side of the right hand monitor to appear at the left side of the left monitor.

Every time I try to reset - it resets back again on its own.

It *will* let me set Samsung Left, Sceptre Right *provided* that I have the Samsung (17", Left) as Primary - and that don't work for what I need/want. It will also allow me to have Sceptre as Primary, provided it's on the left, but it's not - and can't be.

kenhughes 23rd May 2008 03:10

What happens if you swap the monitor cables over at the back of the PC?

Keygrip 23rd May 2008 03:39

Done that many times, no change.

The "system" obviously recognises the two types of monitor - and it names them correctly.

It just refuses to allow the left monitor to be on the left and the right one to be on the right.

As I said - I had this before, but it "cleared" itself one day when I clicked the dualview application settings in the control panel.

Very odd. Indeed - it's more odd than a very odd thing.

green granite 23rd May 2008 07:17

What happens if you keep the first config but then make the Samson the primary, ie the program dictates that the left monitor is always the primary?

bladewashout 23rd May 2008 07:59

I've also had this, under XP and Vista. System just keeps resetting the l/r positions on its own, it's rubbish!

The easiest way to fix it is to get your general settings as you want them with the Nvidia control panel, then use the standard windows settings (right click on background of main wallpaper, select appropriate options - in Vista it's 'personalize', set the screen left/right positions in there.

Hope this helps


Keygrip 23rd May 2008 12:58

Gold star to bladewashout!!

Didn't know that was still there - thought the NVidia panel replaced it.

Thank you *very* much.

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