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iTunes / iCloud

Old 2nd Feb 2015, 12:49
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iTunes / iCloud

My turn to ask for help

I have a few users (moar like lusers amirite ) who have iPhones, but because they are cheapskates they got the lowest capacity iPhone - the 5C 8gb So they are constantly fighting for free space.
Several of these users are female and so have several thousand pictures Of course they don't want to delete these pictures, or any videos / music etc.

I know you can back an iPhone up to iCloud, but is it possible to delete pictures on the device after doing so and have the pictures remain in iCloud? (i.e. "move" them to iCloud even though it's "copy and delete")

Thanks in advance!
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Old 2nd Feb 2015, 14:05
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Forget the cloud,why not just connect your I phone to your PC download the pictures when prompted. Then just delete them off the I phone ( you even get a prompt to do so!).
Or PNY make a wireless media reader,in simple terms it is a tiny box that you can plug an SD card or memory stick then connects to apple devices by its built in Wi Fi.
Then transfer pictures etc backwards or forwards.
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Old 2nd Feb 2015, 15:45
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As far as I am aware, the intended purpose of iCloud is (depending on your configuration) :
(a) As a backup mechanism, and/or
(b) As a cross-device synchronisation mechanism

I would therefore postulate that image deletion would not achieve the desired effect.

What you probably want to look at instead is an online image management site such as Flickr that has apps for Apple devices.
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Old 2nd Feb 2015, 20:12
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For me

I want to approve each and every image that goes into the clouds or on-line servers that I don't own.

Course I'm a believer in backing up images on my own many hard drives and computers and keeping only select images on a phone.

I try to keep giggle turned off on my devices especially after it displayed an embarrasing natural history file one day while in public.
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Old 4th Feb 2015, 14:55
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Thanks everyone, good info.
I really deeply hate having iTunes installed on client machines, because users invariably click "yes" to Apple software "update" and end up with Safari, Bonjour, etc. etc.
What about OneDrive? Could I transfer all photos there and delete them from the device?
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