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New Server IP address

Old 20th Apr 2002, 16:35
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New Server IP address

Don't suppose we could have the new IP address posted so we can have our pprune fix even if our stupid ISPs don't update DNS quickly... pretty please
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Old 20th Apr 2002, 18:55
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The PPRuNe server IP address URL is:

Nb. Of course under normal circumstances, i.e. your ISP's Domain Name Servers (DNS) are up-to-date - i.e. they've got the latest mapping of the 'known as' domain name to the actual server IP address - should you ever want to find out the IP address of another computer / server on the Internet you can use the 'ping' command.

To do this start a DOS session / command prompt, i.e. Click on Start / Run, enter the word 'command' and click the 'Ok' button.

A MS-DOS command box should now appear.

Within that box type the following: ping

You can also use this to confirm that a known IP address is actually reachable.

Following on from that, another useful command is tracert (aka Trace Route) which shows you through which servers a request for web information is being routed, e.g. :


Nb. Dependent upon your location you might be very surprised about just how many servers are involved in making the connection work, e.g. to connect to for me just now involved 18 server hops !

That said, my favourite for a 'tracert' program is actually the graphical representation given by 'McAfee Visual Trace (aka: NeoTrace)'

Ultimately the really useful points about the 'ping' and 'tracert' commands are that they're pretty much the lowest common denominator of determining network / Internet communications problems, i.e. if you can't connect to PPRuNe just what along the chain is not working ?!

E.g. Is it your ISP's DNS ? (check by using 'ping') Or is it something to do with the routing between you and the server you're trying to get to ? (check by using 'tracert')

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The new server will have a new IP address. I am not privvy to release that at this stage as we are still in the process of setting it up and we do not want anyone trying to mess with it until we have all our security shields in place. Only two weeks ago someone in Russia tried to deep hack the current server and it was only thanks to our security procedures that the person or persons involved didn't get in too deep before they were discovered.
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