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Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

The Caribbean and Latin America Aviation has been around South America and the Caribbean since the early days. A forum for aviators from that part of the world.

Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

Old 11th Dec 2011, 21:03
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Originally Posted by ipanama
expectation of remuneration:

Us$2,000/mo plus accommodations and vehicle for first six months, negotiable thereafter.
hahhhahahhahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahhhahahahahhhha

no way amigos..............................
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Old 21st Dec 2011, 18:46
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Where in central-south-America?

Hi guys!

I have Spanish JAA license (CPL+ME+IR) 360TT
I'm living in Mexico right now!
As all we know, pilot with low experience hardly ever are hired in big Airlines. I aim to get a job in a small, medium company.
I'm disposed to move, and knock in the door of those employer to have my chance! I've read many topic about, but i'm still doubt where is the best place to move...
Mexico noway due "blood law", i heard good things about Costa Rica and Guatemala, also Belice but meybe Chile
If someone could share their experience and give me some advice would be welcome.

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Old 24th Dec 2011, 14:03
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Hi there,

Where in Spain did you train ??

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Old 26th Dec 2011, 03:04
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Hi Ed

In south Spain! AGP


PD: Merry Xmas to everybody!
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Old 26th Mar 2012, 01:53
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Chief Pilot required for Embraer 170/190 start-up later this year

Chief Pilot required for Embraer 170/190 start-up later this year

The Chief Pilot applicant is required to have
- a valid full JAR/FAA/ICAO ATPL/ALTP
- valid TRE/IRE ratings on Embraer 170/190 types
- 7,000+ TT, 500+ on Embraer 170/190 types
- both training and checking experience
- simulator training experience would be an asset
- start-up airline experience would be an asset

All Pilot applicants are required to provide, with application:

- Full resume, with detailed breakdown of previous employment, managerial and flight experience
- Photocopies of current licences and current medical certificates held
- Three industry references, with contacts (who WILL be contacted)

* All potential employees MAY be required to undergo psychological and/or personality evaluations before employment commences.

* Caribbean Basin citizens will be given preference

All applicants MUST sign a contract of employment and fly the line as necessary.

Interested applicants should send the documents listed above to the following email address: [email protected]

Please note: Responses will NOT be Posted to this Forum. Send your applications to the email address provided.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 22:17
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Hey guys. Im interested in doing the Tropic Air Time Building Program that they have. You can look at it in https://www.facebook.com/pages/Build...53064494734552
Does anybody here have done this program before?
Is it worth it?
Thank you
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Old 11th May 2012, 04:49
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LAN Guatemala?

Aeropersonnel A320 Senior First Officer (APG) Job, Central America | iFlyJobs | Ref No. 10176
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Old 30th May 2012, 10:28
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Air Turk & Caicos

does anybody know if AIR T&C is hiring first officers on embraer 120 and the requirements?

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Old 13th Jul 2012, 16:32
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Advertisement for pilots in LATAM

Hello I am interested in finding a place where I can advertise jobs and recruit LATAM pilots. Can anyone help?

Many thanks,
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Old 13th Jul 2012, 23:56
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advertise jobs and recruit LATAM pilots.
You mean Recruiting ads to join LATAM?
In that case you won't find them, LAN and TAM will still operate separately for years, if they ever join fleets and crews...

But if you mean advertise Jobs for LAN and TAM Pilots to join somewhere else, try the Union of the respective country...
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Old 14th Sep 2012, 22:41
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Leondelfierro, LATAM= Latin America
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Old 22nd Jan 2013, 20:44
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Anybody hiring an A320/A330 current JAA SFO with almost 10000hours total in Latin America?
Aeropersonnel didn't even reply half a year ago when I applied for LAN.
I speak Spanish and my other half is a native.
There is a request for mutual assistance by IFALPA in Mexico not to apply for pilot jobs.
They have over 1100 highly experienced pilots looking for work ( ex Mexicana). So I won't even bother there.
Any other companies that might?
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Old 4th Jul 2013, 01:20
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Question TreeSurgeon why has the minimums gone up? Well last year you posted a similar one with lower.

Pilot opportunities
FlyMontserrat is looking for single crew pilots for its expanding Islander operation. Based Montserrat. Start early January 2012.

Minimum hours being TT500 including 100 hours P1 on MEP aircraft.

[email protected]

Might want to double check your information seems conflicting which one is it?
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Old 4th Aug 2013, 18:17
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Caribbean / Latin America 4,000 TT Turbine Multi Can & FAA & Aus

I've been out of aviation for quite a while raising kids and now looking for opportunities. I reside in Canada and have Canadian, US FAA and Australian licenses.
I used to be fluent in Spanish at a working level. Now its back to simple conversational but if I spend a week in Cuba it starts coming back. Also have conversational some Russian but that's not of much use in Central America.

Last job was captain on a King Air 200 and now I'm renewing an instructor rating just to get back into flying. I've got lots of multi, turbine, and IFR time but at present getting rid of the cob webs and regaining currency in all areas.

My US FAA CFI needs to be revalidated etc.

Any ideas drop me a pm..
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Old 10th Sep 2013, 03:24
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Air Turks and Caicos are looking for pilots for the Embraer 120. check the advert in the TCI Sun newspaper ISSUU - VOLUME 9 ISSUE 30 by The SUN Newspaper

Good luck
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Old 14th Sep 2013, 15:09
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Hi Guys, just a question. I'm a bush pilot with 3000 hs TT (1000 twin engine 1000 turbine) currently flying in Tanzania. I would like to relocate myself in central america. I know I have to be there and I will come for a tour at the begging of february. I still want to fly caravan or twin engine aircraft. Can u help me to minimize my money expenses during my travel to find out the best spot where to try? Maybe La costena??Any suggestion? (no Tropic Air). I'm fluent in spanish. Thanks to who can help me
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Old 17th Sep 2013, 23:20
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What's your citizenship.? As with many places these days companies are being pressured to hire "their own"
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Old 19th Sep 2013, 13:57
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Question CV Job sites

I have looked on a lot of these sites (because there are so many) for posting your CV. Do any of them actually allow the Employer to search the site for the pilot they want. Some have search functions but they often present a number of CV's that do not match what was asked. Is there one that stands out. Most seem to just list a CV and then the Employer has to wade through it all and I am worried that I won't be visible to those looking for my hours.
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Old 27th Sep 2013, 09:32
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I'm Italian sicamore...anything that u know in Nicaragua or Costa Rica?Do they really have enough pilots with experience to cover all the positions?
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Old 27th Sep 2013, 17:23
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Hi bertos70.
I'm a pilot flying with La Costena here in Nicaragua.
You will need a Nicaraguan commercial license with Instrument rating in order to work here. Most important you will need a permit to work here and that can only be obtained via marriage with a Nicaraguan. La Costena will not help you in that matter. The same goes for airlines in Costa Rica
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