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Gorva 13th Aug 2020 02:23

Immigrants in Canada - need help!
Hello everyone,

I'm an airline transport pilot from Argentina, and been working in Panama for the past 6 years. I've got an ATP licence, and I want to immigrate into Canada with the Federal Express Entry option, via the Skilled Workers Program. I want a better future for my daughter.
I've run into an issue with the requirements for the Federal Express Entry program, which is validating my credentials with credentials from Canada, this process is called ECA (Education Credentials Assessment).
There are 5 institutions that perform this assessment, and even though I've got an academic transcript for my studies (commercial pilot, CFI and ATP), these are not recognized by the Ministry of Education in Argentina, but rather the Aeronautics Administration. I've already contacted Transport Canada for help with this matters, but their reply was that they don't participate in immigration programs, and they could only help me for the transition from my ICAO licence to a Canadian licence.

So, I'm requesting help from immigrants who are living and flying in Canada, about the process they made when applying for this process.

Thank you very much!

BroBear 14th Aug 2020 07:13

Hi Gorva,

My understanding is that they need an ECA as a proof that your secondary or post-secondary education is equal to Canadian one (high school, college or university etc.).

I may be wrong but I don’t think you would be able to get credential assessment on your pilot license/certificates and ratings.

Major Cong 15th Aug 2020 21:51

Hi Gorva,

I sat all the Canadian ATPL exams and obtained the licence. I have even married a Canadian and I am still struggling to get in!

You may need a bit more!

Good luck.

+TSRA 19th Aug 2020 14:50

Right from the Government of Canada's website: "An Educational credential assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one."

A pilot's license is just that, a license. It is not a degree, diploma, or certificate. That's why Transport Canada said they can help with the conversion - you convert your license, you don't assess it. Unfortunately, the studies towards an ATPL outside of a university or college are somewhat treated like a driver's license. You don't consider the theoretical driver's test to be academic in nature and so too with the ATPL exams. Now, if you had gone to University and obtained a Bachelors's degree in Science and a pilot's license came as part of that program, then you'd use the ECA for the degree, but not the license.

Your best bet is not to talk to the internet, but to go find an immigration lawyer or consultancy service. They'll be far more up-to-date on the current regulations and requirements than anyone who has gone through the process and may be able to suggest a different immigration path for you.

I'd also take a hard look at the prospects for pilots in Canada right now and probably as far out as 2024-2025. There have been mass-lay-offs with more to come at most of our airlines and almost everyone has had to cave into contract concessions to help keep the airlines afloat. It's going to be a long time before the airlines are able to go back to full pay and benefits and even longer before they hire pilots as all those who were laid off to have to be offered their jobs back first. I'm not saying don't come, because your reasons for doing so are admirable. Just know that it's going to be a long, hard road.

Cindyxx 28th Nov 2020 02:25

Hi Gorva,

I am in the same process. As I know, only a master's degree would give you enough points for an invitation, Keep me post if you learn something new.

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