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Beaver man 3rd Jun 2022 12:08

Interloper in Business Class.
We were spending our kids' inheritance by flying in Business Class, on boarding we found a young lady in one of our seats. I checked our boarding card and we were correct, as I went to query her, the flight attendant asked her for her boarding card, this showed her seat was back in economy! I was wondering if the seat hadn't been allocated could she have got away with it? Also, would the airline have taken any further action?

renfrew 4th Jun 2022 22:19

I think it's a common occurrence.They sometimes do get away with it.

B2N2 5th Jun 2022 09:09

Too many Airlines have created this caste system:
  • Economy
  • Economy Basic
  • Economy Plus
  • Economy Minus
  • Economy Extra
  • Economy nothing Extra
  • Economy just be grateful

So yes there will be creative people trying to scam the system.
All the power to them, unless they’re in my seat of course.
Then it’s temper tantrum.

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