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grantmclellangsm 23rd Sep 2016 16:28

Qantas Uk
Just wondering if anyone has any up to date information on Qantas UK.
Start training at the end of October and would like to know trip lengths, days off, Dubai/Australia trip ratio, trips per month etc

Thanks in advance

CabinCrew747 23rd Sep 2016 23:12


You'll be rostered mostly 3 day DXB trips (sometimes occasional 4 day trips in winter) followed by an average 2 to 3 clear days off. Your roster will be for a 2 month period and you can likely expect 8-10 trips if all trips are DXB only. SYD and MEL trips are 8 days and you can expect 3-4 days off following these. You may get 1-2 per roster but sometimes none however many crew like to swap trips with a good split of crew only wanting DXB and others wanting Australia flights so if you don't get one or want more, it can be pretty easy to pick one up or swap with another crew member in grade.

Think of anything else, message back.

Hope this helps!

grantmclellangsm 24th Sep 2016 07:50

Thank you so much...really appreciate it

grantmclellangsm 7th Oct 2016 16:46

Do you know how often standby duties are rostered?
Are they every roster period or do you get a month block yearly for example?

CabinCrew747 30th Oct 2016 10:55

Hey, you receive 4 days every roster.

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