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qfcabin 23rd Jul 2015 23:23

What happened?
I must have missed something. Whatever happened to this formerly thriving and active site?

capt.cynical 4th Aug 2015 03:30

The "CELEBRITY" thread may be your answer !!

galanjal 5th Aug 2015 11:57

I'm not sure I understand your comment capt.cynical?

Dea Certe 6th Aug 2015 22:31

Internet Brands. Advertising dollars/revenues are more important than content.

Anna452 23rd Aug 2015 20:30

I wonder the same...what happened to this place...looks very empty :-/

Riccal 24th Aug 2015 09:26

As an always interested non pilot one of the draws of this site was to listen to the to and fro on the Pilots forum which has now been closed to non pilots.
I am sure there were good reasons to do this from the professional side but in fairness I am sure it has reduced the traffic to the site.


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