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Espada III 19th Oct 2012 09:07

BA8113 Wednesday 17th October MAN - LHR. Thank you!
Thank you to the BA cockpit and cabin crew on this flight.

I was the sole passenger on this flight and I was given the royal treatment. Most enjoyable!

Mushton 19th Oct 2012 09:11

BA8113 Wednesday 17th October MAN - LHR. Thank you!
If it was on a 50seater Embraer thank BMI Regional!!!

Espada III 19th Oct 2012 09:38

Nope - almost brand new A319. Had the choice of 144 seats.

D-IITC 19th Oct 2012 10:52

*** Pictures please!

G-F0RC3 19th Oct 2012 13:34

I can't imagine this being a particularly cost-effective flight for the airline, but it sounds fun! :) Did you still get the generic safety demonstration, or did they give you a more personalised one?

rogera 19th Oct 2012 20:48

there were only 16 of us on the same flight on monday night - very civilised !

Alex757 19th Oct 2012 22:12

Wow ... would of loved it :D

bannercounty 20th Oct 2012 01:36

Lucky you for getting the Royal treatment. I was on a flight (EI not RYR) from Gatwick to Shannon in June last year and was the sole passenger. The crew closed the doors and as I was seated in ~ row 14 I got up prior to push back and asked could I sit in row 1 since there was nobody else on board. Unfortunately I was promptly advised for "safety" reasons that I must stay in my allocated seat for takeoff and landing. Not wantpmg to antagonise the crew member and risk an unwarranted delay to the flight etc I dare not mention why the reason for the "safety" i.e. is it in the event of a crash so they could identify the body. In my own head I was thinking, shur if we do crash, there are ~6 crew and one passenger so not hard to identify.

The thing that got me was that I never saw a crew member for the whole flight and used my call bell to summon them (fasten seat belt sign remained on for the whole flight) to try and pay for a cup of coffee & a full Irish.

TightSlot 20th Oct 2012 09:40


Not wantpmg to antagonise the crew member and risk an unwarranted delay to the flight etc I dare not mention why the reason for the "safety" i.e. is it in the event of a crash so they could identify the body.
Are you quite serious? Is this what you genuinely believe?

Heathrow Harry 20th Oct 2012 12:59

I can remember being one of 16 passengers (including about 6 kids) on a Qantas 747 trans-tasman in the 80's

We all moved (including the only first class passenger) into Business and had a whale of trip..................

IIRC there was a guy who was the only passenger on a very early Pan-Am 747 transatlantic flight in the early 70's - they were positioning it to Paris or somewhere from NY and stuck it down as a scheduled flight but didn't try & sell tickets - he was late for the standard 707 and so they stuck him on the jumbo

bannercounty 20th Oct 2012 13:00

Tight Slot, to be honest I don't know for sure but on a previous personal experience with the same carrier flying from JFK to SNN I was in the last row of business class trying to sleep but the crew positioned directly behind me with gossip in full flow. After a half hour I asked very politely could they be a little quieter or move somewhere else. I was practically reprimanded and told that for the rest of the flight I would not be given any alcohol due to my aggressive behaviour and if I were to persist the Captain would be informed and a possible restraint would ensue. I was gob smacked and didn't even respond. I never ever have alcohol before, after or during a flight.*
The carrier up to 10-12 years ago was brilliant but has definitely changed for some reason. I can remember being on transatlantic crossings with music, song and dance in full flow in economy and encouraged by the crew. Today you cannot look sideways at them.*

So back to my previous post and your bemused question relating to same. Why else would they not permit me to move from the mid section of the aircraft when there were no other passengers on board. At the time I felt that maybe they will use any excuse to cancel the flight because the return leg would probably have an abysmal load also. Granted if they did want to cancel they could have easily said that the aircraft had gone "tech" but at the time that did not cross my mind.*

agent x 21st Oct 2012 12:48

For safety as in the safety of the aircraft and to keep it in trim for take off. Moving 14 rows to row 1, especially as the sole passenger in the cabin would affect the centre of gravity of the aircraft for take off. This would effectively put it out of trim as the trim calculations would have been finalised based on your seat in row 14. It always comes across as the crew just being difficult but that's the reason.

aluminium persuader 21st Oct 2012 13:58

One person moving forwards 14 rows putting the a/c out of trim???

:ugh:I don't think so!!! :ugh:

Espada III 21st Oct 2012 16:31

So, as OP and in response to various questions: -

My allocated seat was 2A (no business class on that plane) but I was permitted to sit anywhere (I chose 1A).

I had a safety briefing, but I told them what they were going to say before they said it, so we had fun.

On boarding, my bags were taken from me and was told to go and 'chat with the flight deck crew' - and they were very welcoming.

After take off, the four CC and I talked for the whole flight whilst I guzzled some very nice BA freebie food and drink. I was even offered some bottles to take away with me.

The most bizzare thing was walking off a plane on my own and through deserted domestic terminal at Heathrow.

I could get used to it.

The reason was that the plane had to be in London for the next morning, so was positioning down and they put it on the schedule for sale to see if anyone actually paid them. I did and got lucky.

bannercounty 21st Oct 2012 18:59

Agentx. I weighed 80kg not 8000!

Lord Spandex Masher 21st Oct 2012 21:35


Originally Posted by aluminium persuader (Post 7478859)
One person moving forwards 14 rows putting the a/c out of trim???

:ugh:I don't think so!!! :ugh:

If the trim was at the very forward limit with one passenger in row 14 then, yes, I think so!!! :ugh:

aluminium persuader 21st Oct 2012 22:54

If the trim was at the fwd limit with 1 pax in row 14, I'd be having a close look at the weight & balance charts!

Lord Spandex Masher 21st Oct 2012 23:22

Well maybe somebody did just that in this case.

Wirbelsturm 22nd Oct 2012 08:28

And everyone knowing that trim issues are complete rubbish as 'they' only weigh 80Kgs, not 800kg, know exactly what the weight and distribution of the cargo in the cargo holds and the trim of the fuel tanks are of course.

Weight and balance sheets are produced for the seats the passengers are booked into. My personal approach is that I require passengers to occupy assigned seats for take off and landing UNLESS I consider there to be enough flexibility in the trim to permit movement.

I would assume the Captain on your 'one man' flight would be the same. Light loads with cargo and fuel can produce trims very close to the limits. Many carriers stock the holds up with cargo when the passenger load is light. Just because there is no-one in the cabin doesn't necessarily mean the flight is 'empty'.

42psi 22nd Oct 2012 10:36

Sorry folks but a single passenger being moved from row 14 to row one on an A320 putting it out of trim :bored:

If you really want some fun look at the effect of a single pax moving from row 1 to the toilet in a shorts 330 :E

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