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Tay Cough 4th Jul 2012 13:12

BA employee Vodafone deal - important!!
Just to let you know, if anyone has the "BA employee" deal from the T5 Vodafone shop (the one with 25MB per day european data roaming included - called Vodafone Data Traveller), as of July 1st that deal has been discontinued for existing customers.

If you were previously getting 25MB per day included, as of 1 July you will now have to pay 3 per day when abroad to use your mobile data (now called Vodafone EuroTraveller, this entitles you to use your normal data allowance abroad instead). You also lose your ten free texts.

If you think this is not what you signed up for, have a look at your contract and check. Here is a good place for terms and conditions (you may want to print them) and consider getting in touch with Vodafone. This is the operative phrase:

"Pay monthly customers who have Data Traveller included in their price plan will remain opted in unless they choose to opt out. By choosing to opt out customers will not be able to opt back in to Data Traveller."
It is my understanding that a number of people may have been "opted out" of Vodafone Data Traveller without their consent.

In the meantime, consider switching data roaming off from your mobile phone settings to save yourself 3 per day.

bagsybtmbunk 19th Jul 2012 23:27

On calling yesterday, the previous deal lasts as long as my current contract lasts and then it'll be time to renegotiate.

I hardly use any minutes anyway so to get a much cheaper tariff and then add the 3 per day will be more cost effective for me.

Tay Cough 20th Jul 2012 17:39

Having checked further, Vodafone acknowledged that they had removed this package incorrectly from some tariffs and will restore it.

If in doubt, give them a call to check.

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