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mrpony 14th Mar 2012 09:23

The BA Union Thread I
is the rumour going round about the GMB representing Cabin Crew in the future true?

answers on a post card please.

Miss BA 14th Mar 2012 09:37

I do hope so as many of us are not Unite members. It would give us a choice then.

The Moo 14th Mar 2012 09:40

As CC89 no longer exists a few ex members have approached the GMB to ask for membership.

mrpony 14th Mar 2012 10:36

oh. the rumour is that 300 are waiting to join. with plenty of others thinking about going across. not just 89ers.

it can only be a good thing, i suppose, for reasons of democracy.

Miss BA 14th Mar 2012 11:07

Couldn't agree with you more Mr Pony.:ok:

Betty girl 14th Mar 2012 19:24

How do we find out about this? As mentioned, many of us are not in Unite/BASSA and will never rejoin them.

report call sign 14th Mar 2012 21:14

its true
A good friend of mine a BA CSD has joined the GMB today.
They apparently have now been recognised as a union that CAN represent cabin crew within BA
She spoke at length with an officer at the GMB and they said they are over whelmed by the interest shown in the last 72 hours. Apparently they have had over 200 calls!!!
I believe they will be instantly given a place on the negotiation panel AND will be applying for bargaining rights
Itís all moving fast.
BASSA? Oh dear!!!

TorC 15th Mar 2012 07:00

Not wishing to put a damper on things, but I do have to wonder how this "recognition" has apparently come about.

Some brief details of the ins-and-outs are here: Trade union recognition : Directgov - Employment

GMB are in fact already recognised in some areas of BA: gmbinba.org – For GMB members in British Airways – Your Trade Union Voice

Just a thought .... who represents BMI CC? Could it be something to do with that?

If this is really happening, might it eventually lead to the de-recognition of bassa?

vctenderness 15th Mar 2012 09:45

GMB has had a recognition agreement for cabin crew for many, many years but no members.

It used to be called the Air Hostess Association or such like.

Good luck to them and hopefully break the hold of the awful BASSA!

The Moo 15th Mar 2012 19:51

They were meeting today and training the new reps.

ottergirl 15th Mar 2012 21:53

I'll be e-mailing them shortly to find out what I have to do! Thanks for the tip off!

TorC 16th Mar 2012 08:32

I see there is a GMB CC website:


Miss BA 16th Mar 2012 10:39

Thanks for that Torc.

Miss BA 16th Mar 2012 13:43

Benj, I would wait until we make sure they are given bargaining rights first.

If they are, I will be joining ASAP!:ok:

Miss BA 16th Mar 2012 17:19

Definitely ! I did email them this afternoon for further info. Just waiting on a reply.

gotcuk 16th Mar 2012 20:02

I am a rep for GMB Cabin Crew. Feel free to send me message if you need anymore info. The website link has already been posted above so please feel free to take a look.

mrpony 17th Mar 2012 08:51

please explain or provide links to explain how democracy works in the GMB. for instance, were you elected as a REP?

Betty girl 17th Mar 2012 12:06

I am interested in joining but there are no names of the representatives mentioned in the website.

I will find it hard to join any union if I don't know who the reps are and what views they hold. How do I know who are these break away reps are and if I agree with their policies anymore than BASSA reps.

Gotcuk, is there any reason why this new union has not mentioned any names and although I am very interested, I won't know what kind of representation I will have without knowing who is in charge.

Can you enlighten me or send me a pm.


TorC 17th Mar 2012 12:24

I too would like names. Yet at the same time I can totally understand that it is a big step for someone to put their name out there for all to see. Especially at such an early stage.

This also raises for me, the issue of members having a real voice within a union. It is not about the reps views and opinions, it's about the members .... or at least surely it should be?

I think we are all quite well aware of how things can become "personality led" and I do not want a repeat of that. Reps should be there to listen to the members, take direction from the members and communicate that, when required by the members, to the company.

So in some ways it matters little who the individuals are, it's what they do, and how they do it that counts.

In the meantime, I'll be taking a long look at whatever info is available re the GMB, how it runs, it's constitution, accounts etc before deciding if I'll be joining.

If I am to part with my money, I want to know where it's going and how it's being used.

ottergirl 17th Mar 2012 13:23

There is a name on the website. It says that the new branch is being set up by an ex-crew member

Our GMB Regional Organiser Stephanie Attwood, has assumed responsibility for assisting the GMB Cabin Crew Branch.
I don't recognise the name though. In order not to jump straight back into the fire though I will need to know what they propose, what style of negotiation (that'll be refreshing), and not least, who the reps are and how they have been appointed. Please 'gotcuk' can you enlighten us at all.

Rumour from another forum is that the reps are all from 'CrewDefence' and it is that group who are bringing all the new members over. If so, they may be working on their own agenda!

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