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TightSlot 9th Jan 2007 09:22

easyJet - Crew Discussions
This thread for those already employed by easyJet to discuss whatever...

EzyChic 9th Jan 2007 09:55

Can I be the first user to post?

Whoo hoo

atmosphere 9th Jan 2007 10:29

Boeing V Airbus
Can I be the second..!!

When do the Airbuses start arriving at LTN?? any news of when us Luton lot will be trained up on the beast?? Who wants the Boeing to stay!

Personally, I love the Boeing! but the idea of someone else up the front is to good to pass up!

EzyChic 9th Jan 2007 14:15

Airbus v Boeing
I quite like both.

I am LTN based but was initially dual rated so have flown them both (didn't like the 300s though ugh no).

Airbus always seemed bigger and brighter, but boeing cosier, with a closer knitt crew...though the poor senior does get lonley.

The question has been for years though, when will LTN get airbus, answer: after everyone else.


atmosphere 9th Jan 2007 20:22

I used to work on the A321, and I liked it, apart from the creaking doors! but I dunno, I just feel safer in a Boeing, dunno why! oh well, look forward to working on the beast at Luton, How very exciting!

EzyChic 10th Jan 2007 21:49

Whoo hoo
Just to let you all know I got 100% in the exam I was worried about.

I did the interview, they called me up to say I was successful (apparently they usually send a letter but I was desperate to know).

Haven't asked for feedback yet but will do.

I am over the moon.

Thanks everyone for your help.


744FO 11th Jan 2007 00:09

I know what you mean about the Boeing feeling safer! And those creeky slide housings do annoy me coming into STN after a 4 sector day, but I do like the wide aisle on the airbus.


Dolley 11th Jan 2007 15:53

Congratulations ezychic!

Maybe you could send me a PM with a few details at one point as I have my interview coming up soon too :-)

But for now celebrate a bit :-)

SectorBabe 13th Jan 2007 17:27

EzyChic - Congratulations! BTW, what was the interview for? SCCM?

Me, I love the boeing, but then I have been flying on it at ezy for 9 years!! Can't teach an old dog new tricks!!:)

EzyChic 13th Jan 2007 17:42

Hi Sector',

yes it was for SCCM. Don't tink anyone ever got to excited about it, lol.

Off Stand 13th Jan 2007 19:50

I left ezy the week before training started on the airbus the LGW. I would have enjoyed some company up the front with me on the jumpseat.
Having said that, the Boeings, especially the older second hand 300's (YB, YC, YD, YF and YT!) all had character. Plus built like tanks!!!
Have JA and JB left the fleet yet? Any other 700's gone? JB was the first one I ever flew on when I started at LTN.

slide blower 14th Jan 2007 17:29

Off Stand
hello Off Stand.missing the orange dream are we!?.

Off Stand 14th Jan 2007 19:12

Not that much slider blower, just miss some of you lot at times! Anyway, I know that you keep me informed of the goings on!

primus 14th Jan 2007 20:57

Which is best LGW or LTN?
Can anyone help.......

Are the rosta's busy at LGW & LTN. I have applied for LGW and was wondering what the typical take home pay would be a month.....

Are you dual rated in LGW?

Would anyone be able to PM me a typical LGW rosta..... Just so I know what to expect.....

Thanks everyone.

slide blower 14th Jan 2007 21:02

Lgw Or Ltn?
LTN is not the end of the world,but you can see it from there!.

Virginia 14th Jan 2007 21:07

My roster at LGW is quite quiet, mostly 2 sector days, my hours a day are generally about 7-8 hours but with 4 sector days this can be as long as 12.

6 days on, 3 days off.

Typical take home pay for CC is around 1400 after tax. More in busy summer periods.

Nope, only single rated on the A319.

Good luck! :)

primus 14th Jan 2007 21:12

Thanks Virginia for the info, much appreciated......

So I think I've made the right choice for LGW....

slide blower 14th Jan 2007 21:24

Ezy Lpl
sounds similar 2 lpl.
apart from rather unreliable rotas.
now thats not me havin a gripe against ezy,its the amount of sickness in lpl thats gives me lot of probs!.(more so when i get called in off stby!).

primus 14th Jan 2007 21:31

I know what you mean slideblower. I use to be crew for 10 years and every airline has that problem, so I know how you feel.....

slide blower 14th Jan 2007 21:40

thanks primus.
kinda wears me down every now and again.
i still try to smile and be as polite as possible to crewing at 3am when they call!.

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