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michaelt_29 21st Apr 2006 14:11


Just wondering if anyone knows approximately what the annual salary (including layovers etc) for Gulf Air, Bahrain based flight attendants is?


Frozen Turtle 21st Apr 2006 14:27

Unfortuntaley the GF CC salary is pretty low. On average take home pay for CC, including all allowances, 520BD = 1335$. The salary is tax free. In addition you will have shared accomodation provided, 1 Bedroom & bath in 3bedroom place. Furthermore you will have transport from / to work. GF Cabin Crew is working very hard for that money :{

Hope that helps

michaelt_29 21st Apr 2006 19:25

Thank you so much for your reply. Is that per week, per fortnight or per month? Also, how did you find out this figure? Are you ex/current crew?

Kindly appreciated.


Frozen Turtle 21st Apr 2006 19:34

Its per month. My girlfriend is CC with GF, I am a former GF F/O.
Basic is around BD214/ month= 517 US$ the rest is per diem.

Cheers :8

xana 21st Apr 2006 20:06

:8 :oh:
just a quick question, do they pay for your food too, or is it just free accomodation? because that way, you might be able to just save up all of your salary? (maybe?:hmm: )

ice_with_that 21st Apr 2006 21:26

You pay for your own food, or diet!

xana 21st Apr 2006 21:47

Originally Posted by ice_with_that
You pay for your own food, or diet!

thank you :)
if they paid for our food, then that would be paradise, as technically all the other money could be saved up - but all this would be extremely unlikely anyway. oh well...

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