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Oldest flight attendant that is still flying

Anyone know which airline has the oldest flight attendant that is still working? Heard that United have one in her 80's but curious to know if anyone has experience of flying with older cabin crew.
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Well the oldest F/A I know is now 73. She is working for united, and based in Paris. However being so senior, she don't really fly that much, but I heard that when she does work, she doesnt stop, and still loves the job.
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This is all interesting stuff.

I know someone who had an accident on the A/C at work and has since lost her job and is now permanently disabled.

The company being a typical caring employer have behaved like complete [email protected] even though they admitted liability.

The CC concerned has had to sue for loss of earnings etc. One of the arguments put up by the defendants, is that regardless of the retirement age, she would have stopped flying after about ten or fifteen years because no one continues flying until retirement. (Its a well-known fact )
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Know of former AN 747 Capt who, on arriving @ HKG Immigration noticed a United Airlines Gen Dec that showed at least three F/A's with some very early birthdates. The oldest amongst them was born in 1923!!
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QANTAS have a few in their 80's.....well at least they look as if they are in their 80's!!
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Flymeagain, The CDG based crew emeber you are speaking of is in fact the #2 on our seniority list. She is currently on medical leave. A mean rumour was that she was in a nursing home.I am not sure what her hire date is but the #3 is one of our Honolulu stewards with a 1948 start date at United. Interestingly enough, there is a mandatory retirement age of 70 at United ( 60 for pilots) yet it does not seem to apply to cabin crew. The CDG senior gal had to wear a back support belt to emergency training a few years ago to open a window exit. HOW did she pass?????
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Have to agree with the Skippy comment. Id like the contract to supply the lemons most of them seem to suck at sign on.

However, I believe the honours for the oldest may go to the other side of the Pacific. I read in my local rag in May this year that Norma Webb started with Delta Airlines on DC3s 55 years ago thats 1947 and at 82, is still flying the line. Perhaps someone could confirm that.
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fresh gravy is good

Optimistically, I recently took a walk down the back in between my 6 hrs in the crew rest and my 3 or so hours sleeping in the front seat, to see what was going on back there.

After tripping over in the dark, I switched on the lights and found I'd blundered into the 'parking lot' for all the walking frames the c/crew came aboard on. They started chomping away but didn't make any sense til one put her false teeth back in. Apparently thay'd fallen asleep during a round of bingo in the galley. One never woke up.

At re-val recently, two old boilers broke hips on the slide and another landed at the bottom and had to call that number and cry, "Help! I've fallen down and can't giddyup!"

I noticed another spend the entire day playing with the portable oxygen and was gonna say something, then realised it was her personal set.

Like the girls here are trying to say, being a hostie is a young girls' game. Let's get these old dears out of the aircraft and into a home and get the jets re-populated with eager, enthusiastic young things so we can all go back to having a good time again.
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in reply to that cabin crew wish to have pilots who learn that the world isn't revolving around them and were non egotistical drivers. whats is worse, old age or pilots?? let the cabin crew decide
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Oldest F/A

Northwest Airlines wins the prize on this one. One of their flight attendents (Name withheld) is 83 and still working. However, she doesn't work very often.

She is based in Minneapolis MN, USA.
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