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BA crew have voted to accept deal

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BA crew have voted to accept deal

Old 3rd Jul 2011, 07:51
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Rather than the usual "Oh, no it isn't" type responses, it's best to have the facts to hand.

Here is the actual settlement:


The return of (now formally conceded to be "non-contractual") staff travel is dependent on a number of behavioural changes, here is the Staff Travel side letter, which does not form part of the Agreement:


It's been a pleasure these past few months! Goodbye
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 08:45
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VK. This was sent to all cabin crew two days ago! It was a message to cabin crew and that is probably why many of you are unaware of it!

Message from Bill Francis - Restoration of staff travel

Dear colleague

I am pleased to be able to write to you today to confirm that arrangements are being made to restore travel concessions to all cabin crew.

During the negotiations, Keith Williams promised to recommend to the BA Board that travel concessions be returned once a settlement had been accepted and certain conditions had been met. Unite have now met all of those requirements.

As you know, the recent ballot of cabin crew ratified the settlement document. There has also been lots of work going on behind the scenes to meet the other criteria. These include implementation of a single cabin crew union branch, a new facilities structure and improvements to our working relationship.

As a result, the BA Board has this afternoon confirmed its approval.

I have therefore asked the staff travel team to work as quickly as possible to make this happen for all eligible cabin crew, so please bear with us. This manual update to our online systems covers all non-contractual and discretionary status related travel including free ticket eligibility and recognition of service for all tickets including standby tickets.

I know this has been an important issue for many of you and so I am really pleased we can now draw a line under it and move forward with a genuine commitment to work together.

Thank you.

I hope that is factual enough!
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 09:17
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I'm glad it's all ended up not too bad. The main culprit will never, it would seem, darken our doors again and the organisation of the Union is being changed into something more suitable for its purpose. Will the accounts ever see the light of day? 50/50 I'd say. If they don't it will merely confirm what many have suspected in my view.

Staff Travel being returned before BA would necessarily have to do so is a good sign because it is a vote of confidence. It was time for a bit of carrot.

Whichever way you look at it, BA has achieved a massive amount.
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 11:35
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I know some of you will be upset as was I, but the united Amicus and BASSA branch will still be called BASSA.

BASSA remains the same, all be it with some changes to the way BA and it do business; but it is keeping it's name and has gained the right to negotiate for Mixed Fleet in their own separate section.

I was personally hoping for a name change to Unite but that is not happening. LM is still there at the moment as are most of the reps.
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 12:40
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That is a shame BG, and some will see it as a sign of the branch having survived and they'd be right. LM is a member of UNITE's executive Council. BASSA gives UNITE about 1 million every year.

They'd be silly to get rid of a brand that most subs-paying members identify with. The Labour Party need the money, as do UNITE for Len's fat pension!
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Old 3rd Jul 2011, 16:35
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Is LM still employed by BA?
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Old 4th Jul 2011, 12:13
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Yes if you mean Ms Malone, she is still with BA.

As for the rest we shall have to see. Like a lot of others here, I would like to say farewell on this subject, although never say never as they say, so could be back if something REALLY interesting comes along. Its been a pleasure reading all the posts. There are some people out there who really know their stuff and know the history of Bassa. I've been very impressed.

Do I think this is all over. Ummmm? Not sure. If I took a guess - No. The biggest problems I see in the future are whether BA are going to stick to what was written on the document or are they happy with Mixed fleet and the crew changes on the main fleets? Lets face it, one of the things written on there, was there had to be a change in the tone of Bassa's comms and they had to start to be more factual. IMO this hasn't happened as DH has sent out those emails with veiled threats about the non strikers, and Unite still have the devil photo of WW. Seems BA perhaps aren't bothered, but I am, as I'm still dealing with the strikers rhetoric, myths and untruths on a daily basis.

I give it 12-18 months before something kicks off again, but I REALLY hope I'm wrong.

Thanks again everyone. Its been JUAN hell of a TRIPP!!

PS. I nearly forgot! Thanks to all the mods for putting up with us. It can't have been easy at times

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Old 9th Jul 2011, 06:20
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Restoration of staff travel

I think that on 1st July, cabin crew were advised work was being undertaken, as quickly as possible, to restore staff travel concessions and that this necessitated a manual update to online systems. Does anyone know if this has been completed yet? Can cabin crew that took industrial action actually make a standby booking now? If not, is there any awareness as to when they will be able to?.
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Old 9th Jul 2011, 07:53
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I guess you'll know when you book into the Staff Travel site and it lets you make a booking.
I don't suppose BA will send individual notifications out to all Cabin Crew.
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Old 9th Jul 2011, 14:29
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Yes they can make bookings now with their seniority.

A few people that started their careers with British Caledonian and Dan Air etc. have incorrect start dates. ie. when their previous airline became part of BA; and these more complicated start dates are being entered by hand and will take a bit longer to sort out.

Basically all the people who started with BA have the correct staff travel date and others who started their career with another airline can use their concessions but their correct start date will be entered as soon as possible and the relevant seniority will then be corrected.
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 01:50
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Betty Girl, thanks very much for this information. A font of wisdom and helpful information as always! Glad to finally feel comfortable enough to use my staff travel after all these months...
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 04:38
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At the top: Where professional flight attendants discuss matters that affect our jobs

I am dumbstruck that BA CC staff have to go to a PPRuNe forum to find current information about their T&Cs!
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 11:01
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Question Now that it is all over

Not sure this is the right thread.....

I have been offered a position with mixed fleet. Initially I was thrilled.

It offered me good pay in comparison to my present position, the T&C's are in line with aviation today and there is a defined career path for any position on this fleet as defined on the recruitment website.

I know there are rostering issues but coming from loco I'm used to those!!!

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at the BA forum on www.cabincrew.com to gain info. I didn't gain much info but certainly gained insight

On there I can view the following
CabinCrew.com: Keith Williams

Not the best advertisment on how BA, as a cabin crew community, have apparently "moved on". The OP "flymetryme", clearly existing crew and pro bassa, starts a "bun fight" in the CEO's name. Many posts later another crew member "cadela" states "this is why we will never move on".

CC still snipe at Pilots and vice versa.......yet BA have moved on?

And last night a long running (relatively) thread re an alledged Bassa apology on the B&H of a fellow crew member was locked and deleted. It was very intresting.

It appears to have been locked not because it was deemed sensitive on thread topic as lock down would have happened a lot earlier.

It happened because an apparently loyal BA customer felt he/she experienced the same behaviour from a BA CC member.

I'm going to turn the position down. Where I am now we don't treat our customers in this way, the Pilots and CC are one team wherever we are, and there are no inter fleet issues or indeed any issues of note between the CC.
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 11:55
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I suggest that you go back and re-read the post on cabincrew.com that you allude too as the posting ref Keith Williams is praising the fact the Mr Williams has helped resolve the dispute - in fact the post states:

"What a great bloke - solved the IA angst in a jiffy......

Crew have their staff travel back in full from today.....

Nice bit of back-pay in their July salaries.....

Just one trades union to deal with instead of two....

Everyone getting back to making BA the best airline in the world again...

What a difference a day (CEO) makes................

Time to all work together and make British Airways once more 'The World's Favourite Airline'........

No matter what fleet your are on!"

It seems that the ones who started the bun fight were those that wished to prolong the dispute.

And with reference to the thread that was locked out last night - I can confirm it was locked out after a complaint to the moderating team on that forum that your so called "loyal BA customer" had made serious and libellous accusations about BASSA representatives leaking information about a confidential agreement onto the world wide web

I can also confirm that your so called "loyal BA customer" had received a number of warnings from the moderator on that forum for publicly naming individuals on that forum.

Quite clearly there are two sides to a story - and you would know that wouldnt you? As you are waiting to fly
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 16:36
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Most of the people, that post, on that particular thread are not cabin crew.

Take it from me that that website dose not represent the views of over 14,000 cabin crew. It is full of cabin crew haters, stirrers and people that don't even work for BA.

Take no notice of it because in reality BA cabin crew all get on fine. We all went through an interview process which was designed to take on people that get on with people and that's what the majority of us are doing.

Don't let what you read on that website alter your opinion because in real life we all get on fine!
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 17:27
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Betty Girl

I absolutely agree with you 100%

Already the mood within BA has changed and all the crew that I have come across are now focused on getting BA back to where it was 10 years ago.

You are correct in what you say about that other forum - a small group of non-BA cabin crew seemed intent on goading and baiting BASSA supporters and one poster was warned on a number of occasions about naming people in public.

Thankfully BA and it's staff can move forward
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Old 11th Jul 2011, 07:35
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You Think, Therefore I Am
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And on that happy note, so can we.
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