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Virgin Blue Cabin Crew EBA

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Virgin Blue Cabin Crew EBA

Old 1st Jun 2009, 01:02
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paying travelling public

Hear Hear VBP!

a fluffy label isnt needed to stand VB apart from low cost models both here in Australia and o/s.

Passengers shopping around for a deal are going for price tag and safety record they dont care whether its low cost or new world, these labels dont mean anything in the choice market.

Rewards frequent flyers make a choice on total product and our product is totally different to that of our competitors! Just ask anyone in the street to compare us - we are in our own category simply on personal preference of what we offer not by our label.
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Old 1st Jun 2009, 09:34
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please have a look at the Australian Stock Exchange PDF files that Virgin has had to publish. Check out appendix 3B dated just after eba vote. if you can read between all the legal jargon, the 1st 2 pages basically say how the top 9 executives get 2.5 million dollars worth of shares as a bonus. and its for work done up to 2012. times must be tough!
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Old 1st Jun 2009, 11:10
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And there's why I don't buy the bleeding heart, GEC spin.
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Old 11th Jun 2009, 12:18
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Look Out!

keep an eye out - it's going to go to a re-vote- they NEED it voted up BEFORE july 1. even though they're crying poor, crewroom fm have broadcasted the only major change will be to up the bribe payment and add in scare tactics of court rulings and moving on to award rates... Don't be fooled. stand strong.

.....love how headhoncho's compare us cabin crew (conditions and pay) to lowcost jetstar but as a "new world" airline are compared to Qantas .

Hope to hear from the union soon on whats going on. managment are fully bagging them in the workplace so here's hoping they have a plan!
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Old 22nd Jun 2009, 04:27
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Just a little off the subject of the EBA

What do you all think about the new 3 crew service on the 737? give the fourth crew member a break I don't think so. I think its more like get used to only having 3 crew on board. If that happens forget the EBA I wont be staying around. I am filling out SL form every day explaining in great detail how it does not work.
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Old 24th Jun 2009, 14:26
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Are you saying you only have 3 crew working on a 737 and the 4th is on a break?
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Old 26th Jun 2009, 06:13
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yes 3 crew on a 737 while the fourth is on a "break" one cart is half stocked too reduce the weight and they expect that the fourth crew member can sit down the back and do nothing. They spend the entire "break" getting service items for the rest of the crew doing the service. On a full SYD - MEL or SYD - BNE it's a complete joke and makes us look even more incompetent that we did with all four of us out there.

In real terms they will soon apply for CASA to operate at least the 737 - 700 with only 3 crew. Its only a matter of time..
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Old 26th Jun 2009, 07:25
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they have actually already applied and had it granted by CASA
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Old 26th Jun 2009, 11:56
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Please post the link pegasus. I need to see the document with my own eyes before I will believe CASA has just given away with safety, OH&S, etc.
If this is true I think the workplace ombudsman may need to visit VBA to protect staff.
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Old 27th Jun 2009, 19:01
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Stand Strong!

STAND STRONG Virgin Blue Crew! Read the next EBA with care. Don't be fooled. If our issues have not been met fight back. Do not vote yes because your scared of what Virgin management may threaten to do.

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Old 30th Jun 2009, 16:11
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Tigers, teeth and other myths

Im with WB, P747 please post the link.

I searched the CASA exemptions webpages today and couldnt find it.
The only new exemption is the new period for VB B737-800s being allowed to operate with 4 cabin attendants until June 2011.

CASA only test that an evacuation can be carried out in 90 seconds once back on the ground. Its function is not to test OH&S or whether all the customer service duties which are expected of us impact on whether less cabin attendants can actually complete our inflight cabin safety procedures, you know, the ones that CASA approves to be carried out by cabin attendants set out in airlines operating manuals.

CASA is a toothless tiger. Cabin Attendants flight duty limitations and rest have never been regulated by CASA. The only thing it has ever regulated for us is to reduce our numbers on board. If only CASA could understand that a massive link exists between being prepared and alert to carry out an evacuation and length of duty; tasks required of a cabin attendent by an airline, no. of sectors, number of hot turns; no breaks and the list goes on.

The workplace ombudsman has no runs on the board with safeguarding cabin crew against the jaws of productivity.

The only body that seemed to care was the Industrial Relations Commission through Awards. As of today we begin to say goodbye to this institution forever. And before they go, the have one last task, to strip back our Awards for a 3rd time, this time its called Award modernisation. The FAAA is running a campaign to reduce the stripping back. If they are unsuccessful because we don't back them up by simply signing a petition, then we will have to go back to the days of old to fight for our flight time limitations; thats a lot of work which has already been fought and won. Lets not reinvent the wheel, we all know whats a fair limit in a day, we just have to explain it to all the beaurocrats who sit in the aircraft seats.

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Old 2nd Jul 2009, 02:43
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Everyone stand strong Ground crew are standing strong on our EBA also which the company pulled before we could even vote on it as they knew it wouldnt get a YES vote, now we are beyond July 1st and the new fairness test we may get a real EBA

VB afterall is all about fairness 'keeping the air fare' when Macquarie Airports werent being 'fair' towards VB about terminal space at SYD they plastered a protest all over an aircraft, now be fair to your loyal employees VB, the ones on the front line delivering all the values you expect us to deliver to the guest so that they fly agian with VB.
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Old 13th Jul 2009, 07:49
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I hope we can stick together and not get threatened by VB management!

FYI for those who have not received the newsletter. Email sent by the FAAA today:

Following meetings held between Virgin Blue Management and the FAAA during late June and early July, agreement
was not reached between the parties.

The FAAA formally advised Virgin Blue Management last week that more meetings were required for the parties to bridge the gap between our respective claims to enable an agreement to be reached. To date a total of 4 meetings have been held with the FAAA.

The Association requested Virgin Blue Management give further consideration to negotiate in relation to our claims, which are based on job numbers and security as well as safe workrules for Cabin Crew.

Virgin Blue responded stating it was important for Management to follow through with their plans to put in place a replacement Agreement within a certain timeline.

Despite the Association’s request for further meetings and being readily available, Virgin Blue Management rejected our request and published a second proposal Cabin Crew’s consideration and vote,

in the absence of any agreement being reached with your Association as bargaining representative.

This is of serious concern to the Association on a number of fronts. The Association is left with no option but to seek the assistance of Fair Work Australia in resolving the issue around fair and proper negotiations for a replacement agreement.

The Association will issue a newsletter detailing the areas of concern with the second proposal and the reasons why we have been unable to reach agreement with the company on those areas.

The Association will also schedule Cabin Crew Forums to inform crew of the impact the release of this second proposal has on your future working conditions.

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Old 14th Jul 2009, 13:06
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Is that a glimmer of 'balls' creeping out the bottom of the FAAA's shorts?

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Old 15th Jul 2009, 11:41
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Let the games begin. More union emails out today which I hope you are all reading. Lets see if our managers can actually listen as well as talk. Surely three no votes will get somebody's attention.
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Old 16th Jul 2009, 08:24
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VIRGIN Blue cabin crew have rejected a five-year wage deal put to them by the airline and their own union that demanded "a high degree of flexibility" and unspecified productivity gains from them.
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Old 16th Jul 2009, 10:41
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That was old news redroses. Who was here back then that is here today. With a group every month since then VBA would be lucky to have half the CC that voted that down.
The current crew have spoken once and they will speak again shortly. It would be wise to listen to the "people who love their jobs."
With CC, GC and ENG all in negotiations with the company things could get interesting. Oh and by the time those agreements are sorted the pilots will be due as well.
Certainly those invloved in HR will be quite busy over the next few years.
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Old 16th Jul 2009, 11:48
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redroses the documents that are out this time round dont include any of those conditions which were rejected by crew.

The difference this time round is that our current agreement has been used as the base. There is more unification amongst the crew about where we cannot go in terms of the proposals that the company wants.

this latest document is not much different from the first one of this kind. The last time the company negotiated it took one and a half years. This time round they have only had the negotiations open for 2 weeks. What the ?
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Old 22nd Jul 2009, 00:05
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Well time to vote is almost upon us. Time to put up or shut up. I am sick and tired of all the complaining about it. Your vote is for the next three years and will impact on everyone else who works in the industry in Australia.

If you don't want to do the extra hours per year, then you know which way to vote.
If you want to say goodbye to overtime, you know which way to vote.
If you asked for black and white rules an got grey, you know which way to vote.
If your sick of being bullied, harrassed or intimidate in "roadshows", then you know which way to vote.

People who love their jobs love them for a reason. The reason would be obvious to those who have actually worked in airlines as opposed to those who never have.

Yes this company is doing it tough at the moment. CC have done more than enough to help out by taking part time and leave without pay voluntarily. Yet still they want more.

The difference between VBA and the two other low cost carriers is apparently the customer service. Hard to see how this can be maintained when all the crew are pi$$ed off at work. The race to the bottom is well and truly alive.

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Old 23rd Jul 2009, 09:29
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for love and money

we do love our job
the newspapers are right
the jobs Brett G. and Bruce H. created
but where are they now?

Even in the tough times at the beginning, wages were low but we went above and beyond to make the company thrive. We did heaps of work related stuff in our own time. Every new initiative they asked us to do to help the company thrive we did with a smile.

It was give and take.

7 years on our wages improved as a thank you for the tough times and even though there's still a new initiative around the corner its still carried out with an Award-winning smile. 8 years on we still do these things, but even with new technology in place, they dont make it on to a timesheet.

The current management who have written this EBA haven't been there very long have not been through 8 years worth of changes with us. They don't know or even try to understand. They are so focused on the millions they want to see saved, they don't care that the wages offered will not line up with our timesheets because all the 'for the love of it' activities will have to be on top of even more work hours.

Do they really think we don't want to do any more because we are lazy? Even though they offer time off as the carrot, there's no guarantee I will get it for that special event I want to go to, it will still be subject to operational requirement$. Did they not listen to us last time? There's no point in trying to convince us to vote yes for something that's not guaranteed - like the bidding system last time. The extra 10th day off is either going to be used sleeping because of the extra long days work I'll be doing or it will be a Tuesday that I didn't want anyway. There's no guarantee around ad hoc leave in the document. I'll still be waiting for it to be approved way beyond the term has come and go. If they want us to have the hours of admin workers or ground workers, then give us a desk or a counter, not an aisle to run up and down all day at 8,000ft pushing and pulling heavy equipment, hundreds of people looking to me when they are hungry, thirsty or scared.

I know which way to vote - for the love of my job, to safeguard it and a fair pay. The current management are trying to take more than they are giving and they are not caring about the job or that the Award-winning smile which will slip away.

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