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Worst Destinations in the World

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Worst Destinations in the World

Old 16th Aug 2007, 19:22
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As ordinary, SLF, Orlando . Screaming brats everywhere. However I've never done the porn/party routes, what I've read makes my blood curdle!

Got thrown up on in economy returning BA from DFW! - BA staff fitted me out in Sleeper suit and another economy seat. An in-figiht upgrade wouldnt have gone amiss, but I did appreciate the response.

You workers have the cabin occupants to contend with, I have my doubts about the A/C instead. Spent 4 hours on a shagged out TU154 just waiting for it to roll on its back and descend earthwards. On the other hand, the CC who threw the in-flight catering at me didn't seem too bothered, so maybe I was over reacting.
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 20:47
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Sorry has to be tel aviv! Dont mean to offenend anyone, but Im sure Jewish people get taught at school how to be akward passengers as they all seem to be the same?

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Old 17th Aug 2007, 06:47
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Jeddah comes to mind.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 10:44
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Angel Worst destinations etc...

Hi titmitch,
No I dont work for AEU but I can assure all readers that the Bintumani hotel is a never to be repeated experience and should be renamed bintoomany after one visit !the place is full of $5 hookers ,stinks,no water for 36hours!!!etc etc
Yeah ok before anyone says it $5 is cheap!

On a more serious note it is a humbling place to visit, many people have absolutely nothing and it is sad to see so many desperate ,sad individuals with apparently no future ,I will take a cold night in Norway anytime !
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 22:21
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I feel the need to defend Lagos! It's a nice little earner at my airline what with good allowances and great commision on duty free sales, and such a short flight time to boot. The pax have never been too bad in my experience, and Nigerians have a great sense of humour.

The worst for me by far has to be Bardados, followed by any other island in the Caribbean. Rude rude rude british holiday makers who seem to feel they are going to some far away magical place that you as the hired help could never afford to go, so they speak to you like dirt the whole way there and back. They seem to enjoy thinking up bizarre demands (demands - not requests) so they can revel in you not being able to oblige.

"My daughter wants you to paint her face so she looks like spiderman"

What with??

"I want a can of Carling!!! I don't like Stella or Heineken, so go and get me some f*cking Carling"

This particular chap was met by LGWs finest.

The return sector is even more a delight when they get on angry that they are sunburnt / got a funny tummy / have to go home etc etc... and it's all your fault.

I do love counting the number of women and children with braided corn row things, and being impressed by the redness of their scalps though.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 23:53
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you get commission on lagos flight?
we don't even take duty free...
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Old 3rd Sep 2007, 13:46
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Hetrotrolleydolly - now i sympathiase as you stayed at the Bintumani. I actually told one of the prostitutes to F**k off as she was banging on my door at 3am looking for 1 of my colleagues (who is totally gay) as he told her he would buy her presents as a wind up and she thought he was in my room. After slamming the door in her face, she banged on it again. I opened it, walked out the room, ignored her shouting at me, went to the reception, woke up the chinese manager and got her and her mates removed from the hotel.
Usually i would be out enjoying myself with the rest of the crew, that night i wasn't feeling well and she got my anger full force for being woken up. As for the other trips i did to Freetown i had fun and tried to make the most of each trip and enjoy it.
Another place we flew to is Malabo in Equitorial Guinea. I was always weary when we fly there and didn't like it at all
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Old 3rd Sep 2007, 17:49
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Old 3rd Sep 2007, 23:44
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Virgin sells duty free on Lagos. Cash Only, and they pretty much buy what ever they can. "Give me Perfume"... "Which one sir?" "Anything!" So I find the most expensive one... I've never seen wads of cash that size!
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 10:39
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A Runyonesque Character
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For those who remember the French airline UTA, they used to have a Twin Otter based in Lagos, to fly the night-stopping crew across the border to Lome in Togo.
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Old 4th Sep 2007, 13:11
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I am going to rally behind the Virgin Lagos night stops - is a great trip for communters....nice late check in - ok money - no jet lag - short flight - rude as you like passengers - think that Nigerian Traffic Warden off the BBC3 comedy programme - hilarious! Seriously we're not too precious to have a laugh for 5/6 hours...?! Then you get down route - if you're lucky on a weekend you'll get the club...that's got to be worth it really!?!

I've only ever witnessed two fights on a flight - both were to Barbados - both were mothers who were drunk and a complete embarassment to their families. Yep the thought of being super rich eating their free meal in economy really goes to the head when the person in front wants to recline after dinner - honestly people hate that right?! I was scared.... handcuffs at the ready!
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 12:30
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I have to defend Amman - it's a great city! and Jordan is a beautiful country with lovely people and fantastic cuisine! Same for Iran. If you are going to be negative about a destination at least give a reason why!
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 14:03
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I want to defend Lagos too!

Nigerians are fantastic as passengers. They are very nice people who generally have a fantastic sense of humour and are very easy to work with once you get to know how to handle them.

In short their culture is very different to English culture. I find that if you are polite and firm, and tell it exactly like it is, you gain their respect and you will have no trouble whatsoever. LOS pax are so much easier to deal with that nasty, rude, drunk English pax on the holiday flights.

I had an elderly Nigerian gentleman on a recent flight who was REALLY angry that he couldn't use his credit card on board. He came storming into the back galley to find me (purser) to vent his anger. However, he was under the impression that the restriction on credit cards was only applied to Nigerians.

Once I had explained that regardless of nationality NOBODY could use their credit card on the flight (including crew members!) he calmed down and even ended up appologising to me for the "dishonesty and coruption of his nation forcing the airline to do this"!
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 14:20
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Hey guys,

Everybody has a different idea of 'a worst destination'. What is great for one,is a disaster for another. Just let people write what they want because that is what a forum is for. Why does everybody always need to be defended etc. This is not a personal attack. Only people writing their opinions relating to the topic. Relax!
I find it very interesting to see some of the destinations listed here.
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 14:27
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"I want a can of Carling!!! I don't like Stella or Heineken, so go and get me some f*cking Carling"
Hmm - that's a BNP line if ever I heard one. Shaven-headed chap a little on the tetchy side perchance?
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Old 7th Sep 2007, 15:45
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The throat slitters in and out of Belgrade.
what did u say?
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 15:12
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Well ladyflyby, after having lived and worked in Jordan (for an airline) I found Amman to be very dull indeed and the food...urgh.

Just my opinion!
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 15:44
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Just one word; Heathrow.
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 15:54
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Worst passengers, Kingston, Jamaica!!! Extremely aggressive and heavy drinkers. They seem to hate everyone, regardless your race or religion, they even hate Jamaicans. Awful flight.

To be honest, Nigerians suffer from their reputation but they're lovely people, good sense of humour and do not forget that the Nigerians that fly to Europe are mostly wealthy and well educated ones. I've left the hotel several times(another myth) and people are delightful. The problem sometimes is ignorance, some crew are so ignorant that they mistreat LOS pax and that's the worst thing you can do to a Nigerian.
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Old 8th Sep 2007, 23:37
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Fabulous Flyblue
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I find it very interesting to see some of the destinations listed here.
Indeed, and especially to see the different ways of dealing with difficult pax/situations.

I'd like to quote Tightslot's reply to the thread Which destination do you dread seeing on your roster... and why?? in September 2004. Still the best and inspiring prose on the subject I've read so far

OK, interesting thread, so here's the challenge. Find the route you hate the most, and then do some work on it! Clearly, most (not all) of your customers don't wake up and think to themselves "How can I P**s off my crew today?", so they're probably unaware of the effect they are creating. We're talking about cultural and sociological differences that grate out of context. So rather than wage a war with customers that ultimately you will not win, is there anything you can do as crew, that will enhance their experience as customers, and make life easier for you as crew?
I'm not being cute, I know full well that some groups of people can be difficult. I just wonder, if this thead doesn't demonstrate that there are some areas where we need more knowledge?
Take for example, my previous problem flight to Ovda (VDA) in Israel. Most crew in my company, hate these flights. If people want to pray, roll with it, and let them, at the doors if necessary. If they want to bicker about seats, just let it wash over you. If they want to stand up during the meal service, work around the problem - it;s not easy, but it's easier with the right frame of mind.
In short, I wonder if threre isn't more we can do on 'difficult' flights to make our own, and customers, life easier.
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