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British Airways - Crew Discussions II

Cabin Crew Where professional flight attendants discuss matters that affect our jobs & lives.

British Airways - Crew Discussions II

Old 13th Aug 2007, 11:51
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British Airways - Crew Discussions II

This Thread is for existing BA Crew Only.
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 20:15
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hi ams....which ba shuttla at heathrow do you need and where from?as there are several to choose from.....am going on a nightstop tomorrow morning but will be back thurs afternoon so can check the times of the one you want on the intranet if you like!
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 20:30
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give me 10 mins to look will get back to you soon!
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 20:41
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Hi AMS.......
The BA1 goes from Hatton Cross station to Waterside,1st bus from Hatton Cross is 06.02,they run every 15 mins and it takes 20 mins to get to waterside.
The BA7 goes from Waterside straight to Cranebank,1st bus from Waterside is 06.35,they run every 20 mins and also takes 20 mins from Waterside to Cranebank.
Make sure you have a letter or something to say you are starting with BA to show the bus driver so they let you on,you'll get your ID card on Monday so there will be no problems after that.
Hope this helps and enjoy your coarse!
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 20:48
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You are very welcome AMS..
Nightstop GVA ching ching!!
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 15:22
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Tracking down BA short haul crew member

Hi guys,

This is a bit of a random request, but I'm trying to track down and get in contact with a member of today's (15th Aug) BA 1483 (GLA-LHR) cabin crew.

I'd like to contact a member of the cabin crew (I know their name), but don't know the best way to go about it.

I'd really appreciate it if someone who could possibly help could private message me and I'll explain the reasons why I want to contact them. I believe they'd like me to contact them but obviously as a PAX they wouldn't have any of my details.

I'd really appreciate someone's help...please!!

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Old 15th Aug 2007, 17:45
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problems with mybaplc

anyone else having trouble? website is unava. can't book tickets or do anything. any info?
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Old 15th Aug 2007, 20:50
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Hey guys...can anyone help?! I'm really keen to get in contact with this crew member. As he was an A320 cabin crew I assume he's based at LHR. Can anyone help?!

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Old 15th Aug 2007, 21:00
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glasgow crew are also trained on the airbus, but if he was under 40 then theres a good chance hes lhr crew.
do u have his full name otherwise theres not much hope of finding him
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 09:59
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My BA Plc

Twisted-diamonddolly ,

I am also having problems accessing Mybaplc. If I try and bring up from my favourites it just says website does not exsist or temporarily unavailable. This was happening yesterday and today.

Anyone know what the problem is??
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 10:14
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Wink do i need a car?

hi every1

i was just wondering whether or not it is possible to be cc for LGWSF and get to and from work with public transport?

im trying to think of ways to cut down on my outgoings and one way would be to sell my car, which means i wont have that monthly payment, plus tax, mot, service, petrol costs.

if there's any crew at the moment who manage to use public transport could you please let me know which areas are good to live in for this and the amount you spend per month getting to and from wrk

also if anyone's had an interview recently please let us know how you got on.

lv, x x blueskybird x x
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Old 20th Aug 2007, 12:05
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could ba cabin crew be balloted fro strike action again???

It seems that ba and bassa are once again back at the fighting arena.
bassa is upset that the majority of the 12 points that were sorted out in january ahve been forgotton by ba, and they are once again doing what they want and ignoring crew agreements.

bassa have warned that a new ballot may be immanent.
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Old 27th Aug 2007, 04:50
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BA Crew

Hey guys... just pax here.
i thought this the best way to post a gratitude towards one of your member. flew with BA from LHR to MIA, have to say Lisa provided excellent service. so if you guys meet her during your shift. give her thumbs up., and hopefully join u guys on the trip back from MIA to LHR
keep doing the good work.

p.s thanks for the correction

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Old 7th Sep 2007, 07:51
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hi ams,hope that you are enjoying the coarse!
dont worry about the bidding,some people from crewing/scheduling should come in at some point on your coarse and tell you all you need to know,then its just trial and error for a few months till you find a way of bidding that suits you!
and dont worry about getting left with the less popular flights,at heathrow the distribution of flights is not done on seniority so you will have as much chance of getting what you bid for as someone who has been there for 25 years..its all swings and roundabouts!
good luck,see you on-line soon!
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 12:38
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I live in Ealing Broadway and commute everyday to LHR. Even though I don't work with an airline (yet), I am required to be there anytime between 0400 start to 0130 finish.

for the early starts and late finishes, my company provides me with free taxi but otherwise it is public transport.

Heathrow express gets you to Ealing Bdy from around 0500 to 2359 (roughly) otherwise the picadilly line gets you to Northfields and then the E2 bus gets you to EB -the whole journey takes roughly 30min-.
Last train from LHR is 0022 weekdays to Northfields and first one around 0510.

Hope this helps!
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Old 14th Sep 2007, 19:45
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Public transport for LGWSF

Hi Blue Sky Bird - I currently work for BA at Gatwick and commute from Brighton. Easy to do and never had a problem yet on public transport - only once where I missed my last train home and the last National Express coach but went and stayed in the YOTEL at LGW in the South terminal cost me 25 and had a room with a shower etc!!! I use a mix of the coaches and trains but most people from Brighton use the National Express! Think National Express costs around 28 for 10 journeys (Not quite sure of exact costings off the top of my head ) but I would say that would last me a month andt hen probably a few train journeys on top costing about 30 maybe!! Got to be chaeper than running a car and you can chill out on he coach after a longhaul flight and not worry about driving. Hope this helps!
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 21:00
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Ams- Lhr,

As far as I understand the rostering on EF it is based on the group you are in ie. A, B or C. This rotates monthly so as Group A gets top priority month1, group B gets top priority month2 and group C gets top priority month3. Thus seniority does not affect bidding in that sense.

However there is seniority within the groups. A fair system I think. The good news is as a new starter you will be with in the top 33.3% of the fleet every 3 months and with that type of seniority carmen will aim (might miss drastically ) to give you a bidding satisfaction of between 60%-80%. (A word of advice, you can't go wrong with the swiss or the german routes )
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 21:18
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Bidding at LHR Eurofleet is not done on seniority but annual leave is, I think superboy might be confused with Annual leave as you are given a leave allocation letter ie A, B or C and each year this alternates so A being top one year then B will be top the year after etc but Bidding at Singlefleet Gatwick is done on seniority within Rank.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 09:12
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I'm not confused with the leave groups.
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 19:25
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Just to say that many of my cabin crew colleagues in BA tell me that they only have their first names on their badges to prevent them from unwanted attention through media such as this.

If a member of cabin crew wants to further their contact with a passenger, they are quite capable of giving out their own phone no at the time...
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