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Tiger Airways- Melbourne

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Tiger Airways- Melbourne

Old 4th Nov 2007, 21:53
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Next Intake?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows when the next intake of CC for Tiger will be?... I know they will be looking for people very soon. The word was, the first intake was mainly for exprienced CC, and once they start flying, they will start a major intake of new CCs....

Any current Tiger CC know any of this?!?!?!
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Old 15th Dec 2007, 04:50
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Tiger Airways Melbourne

After almost a month in the skies, I haven't heard much regarding Tiger , its success, its crew etc! I heard the other day that its OOL flights are very full. Are current crew happy with their positions at present and what is it's expansion plans for 2008. I appreciate any feedback.
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Old 16th Dec 2007, 06:38
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The crew are on a base of $52,000 per year, no overnights just yet and most days are 4sectors. Its certainly alot better than that TeamJetstar new workplace agreement.
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Old 16th Dec 2007, 12:53
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They are just ferals
A beautiful observation right there, ehehehe xD
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Old 18th Dec 2007, 02:53
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I will try and word this as delicately as possible for fear of disciplinary action from "management". But TigerCrew, you put it nicely, and in a very understated way!
The downsides...hmmm.....how about not receiving our roster for the 20th Dec onwards - apparently meant to be out lunchtime today but still waiting (maybe that was lunchtime on Singapore time??) Or Logisitics calling you persistently at 8.30am to draft you for an 11am sign on when you signed off at 2am? (Now there's a new understanding of minimum rest!!) Or calling you 17 times on your day off? Or turning up for your sign on to find that they changed your duty and you're now signing on 4 hours later? No crew rest on Darwin/Perth back of the clock's - if the flight's full then you can just sit in the galley and pray you don't have a car accident on your way home, especially of its the 2nd or third one in a row that you have done in as many days. These are not gripes - they're actual occurrences, and the list goes on. Given that many of the crew have applied for V Australia, JQ, DJ and QF, I wouldn't recommend jumping ship from these guys anytime soon.

On the plus side? We have a job. The majority of crew are great. The team leaders are lovely. The service is easy. Thats it. Hopefully all the other issues will improve - and mighty quickly. It's a sad state of affairs given that prior to a pre flight briefing there is generally a pre briefing whingeing session - and unfortunately it's 100% justified at this point in time.
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Old 18th Dec 2007, 03:58
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I thought everyone would be really positive working for a new airline. Is it really that bad?

I bet on the plus side, your aircraft dont get as filthy as ours after a MEL-OOL sector. Pringles crumbled everywhere, chewing gum in the seat pockets...
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Old 18th Dec 2007, 04:09
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Positivity has its limits...

Believe me, Crewbus, we were all extremely excited about this opportunity. I still am, but positivity wears thin when you clock up 72 hours in 9 days. At the moment, yes it is that bad.

As for a/c getting filthy, ours are a positive bomb site after a OOL sector. We have even had seats graffitied (I guess that happens when you offer $10 fares...) Chips everywhere. No vacuums (but one kindly crew member apparently furnished each a/c with a dustpan and broom, bless.) And god forbid a pax chucks - all you have to clean it with are chux.
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Old 18th Dec 2007, 06:32
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You can tell when cheap fares are released.

Do you think people treat QF/Jetstar aircraft the same?

Or is it just Tiger and Virgin.
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 00:42
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Chewing gum, baby wipes, soggy tissues, wax strips with hair, empty pad wrappers, apple cores, crushed biscuit and chips on the floor, muffin crumbs all over the place............the list goes on!!!!!!!!!

JQ pax are just as bad as the rest. Double gloves are a necessity. And unfortunate for our pax, we do not clear the shit off the floor. In a way its called educating the public - if you dont want to sit in shit, then dont leave it for the next pax!!!!!
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Old 20th Dec 2007, 01:48
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god it sounds awful - but it does sound quite simmilar to how it was at the start of JQ - however we still alwyas had contract cleaning to call for vomit etc on the ground at major ports.
things will pan out and the people who bought $10 will soon realise that they cant trash the aircraft so much. At JQ now its not bad anymore at all - A320 Galley Bitch you are right on some sectors its awful but in the last few years things have become much more civilised and not as dirty anymore. Passengers learn and after the excitement of treating it as a 'cheap fare' they start behaving normally.
Our cabins at the moment are not that bad - out of sydney anyway - some certain flights encourage messiness amongst pax but in general - the food we sell was designed to cause as little mess as possible - aside from the pringles and muffins we dont really sell any other foods that cause a big mess.
its sad though if they dont provide you with garbage bags and soap - thats purely striking material right there - i mean - its UNSAFE and what if you all end up with Hepatitis because the company dont provide you with somewhere for rubbish and to wash your hands? thats disgraceful.
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Old 20th Dec 2007, 03:35
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If you are not supplied with cleaning gear, DON'T clean.
Management will quickly learn their mistake and things might
improve a bit for you, the workers.
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Old 20th Dec 2007, 09:16
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Unfortunately the passenger will judge the c/c if the cabin hasn't been cleaned.
Me personally, like most of you out there aswell would much rather work in a clean cabin, however what are the company thinking about not supplying cleaning materials!!!
I think as a department you need to work as a collective and make the senior management realise that if it continues the staff will vote with their feet!

Just my oppinion.

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Old 21st Dec 2007, 03:39
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just remember to report EVERYTHING - if you have a shortage of stuff on a shift - fill in the paperwork and report it everytime - even if that means that Head Office are recieiving 100 reports a day - then at least they will understand.
Another option is to just simply stop cleaning all together... dont collect rubbish - let it pile up. If you dont have gloves - dont clean. Sure - you will face abuse by the pax but it has been done before (at JQ we did it quite often in the early days) and it did work when photos and complaints were flooding in to head office.All you have to do is explain to the pax that you hate the mess as much as they do but the airline have failed to provide cleaning materials so sadly the crew are unable to clean the aircraft for that flight. If all crew did this for just one week surely by the end of the evening each day it would look so horrendous that management would realise that something had to be done. Sadly - providing your own cleaning products only sends the message to management that you dont mind and its not essential that they organise their own supplies.
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Old 22nd Dec 2007, 07:53
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I agree with ShesGreatintheGalley. U guys are making your own beds. A message needs to be sent across to your management team. Be it through the reporting process, complaints from angry pax due to filth or reports from the media. Stand up for yourselves.

What is management going to say when 1 of you contract a disease? They are going to say why didnty you use the cleaning equipment provided, or why didnt you report to us that the cleaning equipment wasnt supplied. Management will never take responsibility for an example such as this, so take a stand and get things fixed before something does go wrong!!
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Old 26th Dec 2007, 07:58
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Enough is enough I say. How many reports do you have to write? Managment will pass the buck on this one for sure if some one is injured. Time for the media! Unfortunately it's has come to that point. I wish you all well.
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Old 7th Jan 2008, 08:59
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I still am, but positivity wears thin when you clock up 72 hours in 9 days. At the moment, yes it is that bad.
Currently, crew at VB can be rostered duties up to 9h 45m (12 hours including delays) and I have wound up working 40h on 4 day trips only to come back for another two day trip with over 9h days - that's a 1.5* a normal working week in 6 days. There is no fatigue management and long days without breaks and minimum rest is the unfortunate reality crew are facing at most airlines

In regards to the 'feral' pax, I often wonder whether cultural factors are to blame as I flew Tiger numerous times within Asia during January 2006 and never encountered an aircraft as dirty as the ones I see everyday at VB. Based on my observations at VB and the stories I've read about the state of Tiger and Jetstar aircraft within Australia, there seems to be an inherent lack of respect for cleanliness and other people's property amongst Australian pax
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Old 11th Jan 2008, 06:47
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its all the cashed up bogans australia has
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Old 11th Jan 2008, 13:23
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Tigercrew - your rosters sound terrible.. do you actually have any work rules in place??

I wonder whether Singapore Airline rosters are similar or whether the Singapore-based Tiger crew are rostered the same amount of hours. Can anyone enlighten us?
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Old 13th Jan 2008, 06:32
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Tiger Interview


If anyone else applied for Tiger Airways last year and experienced something along these lines..

APPLY and then recieve thank you we will be in touch ONLY if you meet our selections standards

RECIEVE further correspondance by email saying you have met our standards and we would like to interview you, we will be in touch with exact date in D, time and whereabouts..

THEN never hear another thing from them!!!

Does anyone know what this is about? Seems quite bizarre..
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Old 14th Jan 2008, 04:08
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VB Girl, I second Tiger Crew....a 9hr20 day for us is a short one....the majority of duties I was allocated on my roster are 10 hours/ 10hrs15/ 10hrs55, and the one I'm most looking forward to....11 hrs20, followed by 10hrs55 the next day!!! But the best part is, after I get back in from the 10hr55 duty, which is a DRW return thru the night (and we operate both sectors) I'm on standby minimum rest! Which means that 10 hours after sign off they can call me in!!

The worst thing is though that most of my roster is standby - not so handy when it comes to having an actual life.

I'm just looking forward to when we start flying NZ...they'll probably pair up a AKL return with a quick HBA return straight after.......
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