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Virgin UK - Wannabees & Recruitment

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Virgin UK - Wannabees & Recruitment

Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:00
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Cool well done, im just trying to find accomodation now found a good website for b&b's so have emailed a few and see what deals they can do me!!
they do let you know by post and you'll get a big letter if your successful, which i hope you are cause we'll be on the same course
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:07
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I bet u are both sooo pleased that the wait is finally over!!

I have my interview 2moro - so one wait will finally be over ...... and another one will start!! Sounds like it was basically a week before u both heard .....sounds like torture to me!!

Best of Luck & hopefully I may be joining you!!

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Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:15
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Ive just posted my forms off with the little post card today.

Could any one tell me how long it takes for them to respond?
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 18:43
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Hey, it took a week in all for me from sending off my form, to recieving the postcard back AND then a letter with the interview date etc.., but i have heard others have hear much quicker than that, so i guess it just depends!

Jenn good luck for tomorrow, it really wasnt as bad as i thought.. i was really nervous to begin with but quickly calmed down, the guys make u feel really welcome and relaxed. I think just be yourself, smile all the time and make sure you take part in all the group activities etc, but dont be boosy.. just try and work together with the people you are put with.

I hope i get the job soooooo much! the interview wait was bad enough, now the final dreaded wait has begun lol!

good luck 2 everyone and keep us all posted as 2 how it goes!


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Old 9th Feb 2007, 08:49
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Hi Everyone!

I managed to get an interview on 13th Feb & have been really excited! But as it is now only a few days away I am scraed as hell! I have never applied to an airline before & have no idea what to expect... If anybody could give me some kind of idea as to what I wil have to do there it would be really helpful?

Thanks X
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 12:36
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Just wanted to say "Congratulations!" to you all on getting the job. Good luck with your training!

Just looking forward to my assessment day next week!
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 13:06
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I have an interview on the 23rth.

I was wondering if it's really important learn about the company history and achievements, routes they fly, etc. By the way does anyone know if it's 27 routes they fly to?

Congratulations to all hired and good luck to the rest of us waiting on assessment days and outcomes. xx
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 15:19
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For those of you already in.....

Hi, I was hoping someone could post some up to date info on the levels of pay, allowances and any other income. My *friend (who's crap with computers!) is thinking of applying but she has been in the industry a while and she's wondering how much of a hit she would have to take to the income to become one of the exalted few!! What is promotion like and are you having fun!!
Well done to all those who got in recently!
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 17:04
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As far as i'm aware, speaking to my friends who already work for them, the pay is pretty good, it's just that you get a large proportion paid in cash down route, so you have to be really disaplined with yourself to try and save some to take home. The money and benefits really isn't as bad as people make out, it's just because it doesn't all go straight into your bank account that people say it's low paid. (will find out soon enough!) As far as i know, if you have been flying for a while and already are a purser with your current airline, and meet their criteria then they will consider you for a fast track system, but thats all i know about that.
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 18:51
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Thanks for the post Johnezy, good info in there, can anyone put figures to details? Cheers.
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 19:04
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your welcome! the info i have so far is 10,185 per annum basic for the first year which will then rise to 11,530. your sector pay depends on how long your flight is, and you get your stopover pay depending on where you are, and how long for so these last two vary.

If you go onto www.cabincrew.com and look at the forum on there, there is, under the virgin topic a thread all about the salary. The thread is virgin pay lets stop the rumours, and several crew have given some recent trips and what they got payed for them that is a real big help.
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 19:39
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Great stuff Johnezy, thanks. The website had a lot of useful information, just goes to show, it's out there if you know where to look!
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Old 9th Feb 2007, 23:06
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: luton UK
Age: 42
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Cool, well i hope you hear soon, they will post you a pack rather than phone you. Well i've sent my contract and medical off today so will wait to hear on anymore news. still looking for accom although i think the average price is going to be 90 per week. right off for a bath then bed doing what easyjet crew call a lisbon triangle!! or lesbian triangle (LTN-LIS-CDG-LTN)tomorrow morning so need my sleep!!!
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Old 10th Feb 2007, 10:04
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Smile Bexter - Accom

Fingers crossed for u then! May be starting training together. I found accom for 90 a week. It's through an agent called gatwick crew accommodation. You rent a room, in someone's house and are able to use all of their facilities, so that is the best thing I've found so far. B&B's work out quite expensive.

Let me know how you get on, good luck! x
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Old 10th Feb 2007, 14:39
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Talking Trying to contact a crew member.....

I flew home from JFK to LHR on the VS46 on thursday 8th feb and was talking to a steward about his job etc as I was due to start as cabin crew with Virgin on the 2nd Jan.

I would like to contact him and wondered if anyone could help me, he was Irish with dark spiky hair, he has been flying for Virgin for 2 years and his next flight is to Shanghai on tueaday 13th Feb, he may of been called Chris but i'm not 100% sure!!!

If anyone could help me please feel free to pm me.


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Old 10th Feb 2007, 15:49
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If you do manage to find out his name, PM me a message (for him) and I'll drop file it for you. The description rings a bell but the guy isnt called Chris!
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Old 10th Feb 2007, 18:39
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I was wondering if you could give me your views on the current VS recruitment. Back in December my postal application got rejected and I didn't get an interview. Like anyone I was gutted and confused as I thought I had done a decent application. I now have to wait the 6mnths before trying again. My main concern is that I know right now they are heavily recruiting but in 6mnths when I can try again do you think it's likely that they will have filled enough positions and possibly close recruitment for a while or even for the year?? Please let me know. I'm even tempted to just try again as they've now introduced the online application but don't want to ruin my chances???
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 10:06
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Of course I cant tell you for certain if and when we'll stop recruiting for initial crew, however, a couple of points you may wish to know...

We have been recruiting constantly (i.e. around 20 new starters per week, on some occasions rising to around 40 per week - 2 courses) for the last few years.

We have several brand new aircraft still on order to be delivered.

We have an old aircraft re-joining the fleet soon (from Virgin Nigeria).

We are starting 3 new routes this year, (Nairobi, Mauritius, Chicago) and the rumours are that there may even be a 4th.

We are shortly to double capacity on an existing route (IAD).

Add to all of the above that at the moment we are desperately, and I really do mean desperately short of crew - so much so that it is very rare for a flight to go with a full crew compliment at the moment...

Personally, I dont see us stopping recruitment any time soon, but of course thats just my opinion as a crew member.

Hope that helps to reassure you a bit...

Oh and dont give up, they love persistence!
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 15:47
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a forth route? really that's exciting! i wounder where, south america is the only place not on virgin's routes i wonder if mexico or brazil would be one of the new routes they are considering.
Also does anyone know if all your training is at LGW or do some days require you to be over at LHR?
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 18:15
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All training is done at the base in lgw.Only time u will be going up to lhr is for aircraft visits during sep.
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