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Hi There,

I need to clarify something if possible. I have a friend who has just been offered a job as Cabin Crew with Virgin Atlantic based at Gatwick. They have been told to expect about GBP 1100 - 1300 take home with all the allowances etc. However, I have heard from someone else that they have never taken home more than about GBP 950 a month.

Can anyone give me any details as to what he will be expecting once he has finnished his training and out on line.

I know this will vary from month to month but any help would be much appreciated.

Sorry if it has been raised before but need a clear answer to the above as it may make him decide whether to go or not.

Many Thx
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I'm new crew with Virgin and have only been online for a couple of months. I reckon the figure of 1100 - 1300 for probationary junior is probably accurate. So far I've had just under 900 net salary in the bank each month. As far as allowances go, it depends which trips and how many you do as to how much you get paid. One month for example I did 4 trips and although I couldn't tell you the total allowances I was paid downroute, I did bring home around 200 - 250 which was left over after my general expenditure/shopping/alcohol spends downroute. As I say I'm not sure what the gross figures would have worked out at before spends.

The wage does rise after probabtion is completed (after 6 months).

Hope this helps!
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There is an official figure for allowances of around 6-7k a year but as trish says it does vary from month to month depending on how many and what sort of trips you do.
However are sure that your friend is based out of lgw only? if so this is a new thing as crew are all dual based and fly out of both lgw and lhr.
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Hi There,

Thx for the replies, sorry was meant to say he will be dual based for both LGW / LHR.

Ok, so the figure given is quite accurate including the allowances from what we see.
Thanks for being up front about it all, much appreciated. He has flown before so its not new or anything, just a few conflicting stories about the pay.

Thx once again
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Hello! I have been flying for Virgin for 2 years, and as a junior i take home between 1100-1300 a month. The information that you have been given is spot on. I think the person that says they clear 950, means thats what they clear in their bank account, as our allowences are given to us down route.
Hope this helps a little bit, and if you have any more questions about virgin I will give you my honest opinion if that helps!!!! X
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