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Old 1st Dec 2005, 12:28   #1 (permalink)
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Roz Hanby - The Most famous "Air Stewardess" in the World

Does anyone here on the forums have any personal info as to where Roz is right now?

(For those of you wondering, Roz was the British Airways "girl" from their ad campaigns of the early 80's, where we were encouraged to "Fly the Flag").

The musical accompaniment went along the lines of "We'll take more care of you, fly the flag, fly the flag....."

Roz was the face of BA during that era. I was just curious if anyone knew her or knew what career she was currently following.

Many thanks,

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Roz actually left BA to pursue a career in the media but I believe it fell flat so she pursued a career in nursing.
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I believe she was strangled by the wires in her scarf when shooting those very early TV ads. Not been seen since
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Old 3rd Dec 2005, 07:15   #4 (permalink)
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Like many people of my era, I thought Roz was a very yummy little lady indeed in those adverts.

Saw the advert again in a TV documentary a few years ago - made me long for the earlier days of airline travel.

I'm glad to say that a chum of mine, ex-BOAC VC10s, said that she was just as delightful in reality as she was in the advert.

"Staff nurse, actually..."
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Hi All,
I *think* I saw an interview with her a few years ago when she was working as a nurse. As I remember she's a VERY pretty blonde lady. Anyway in the interview she cited the lack of actual glamour, flying for BA.
She instanced the case when on arrival in Cairo on a layover she wanted to watch the sunset over the Pyramids and not one of her colleagues was interested in joining her
Anyway she seemed happy doing what she was doing and had no regrets. Best of luck to her!!
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Old 3rd Dec 2005, 09:32   #6 (permalink)
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I still have the single "fly the flag" with her picture on and I still listen to it!!! I met her when I was 4 flying across the pond with my folks. It was my birthday and she handed me a birthday cake and organised a flight deck visit. The Captain signed my Junior Jet Club log book and I am sure that was when the seed of blue skys and aeroplanes was planted. I tried 3 times to get into BA each time they knocked me back and that is how I know their selection procedures are wrong!! Oh well I work for another airline now whom I give 110% to. The best I can do for BA is own them. That I do even though their is no dividend!!

As for Roz, what a lady. They were the days. If it wasn't for her I would probably have ended up as an accountant screwing all you Pilots! Thanks Roz.

Maybe she is on friends reunited?
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Roz Hanby

I want to raise the subject of Roz Hanby again.....

The GORGEOUS face of BA 1970's/1980's was on a Concorde that I took in 1981 - I even have the photos to prove it!

Did anyone find what she was up to, for sure?

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