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TightSlot 6th Feb 2012 17:19

Qantas QCCA - Wannabes & Recruitment II
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Sydneysider88 6th Feb 2012 23:26

Word on the street is casual recruitment is the new way they're going. Old staff as golden oldies being made redundant. They want fresh young new staff to fill redundancy positions. Word from the top I heard today.

I'm sure there is more to it, and correct me if im wrong. But many older ladies who have been in it for years that I know are all being made redundant and casuals are being placed more and more.

marly 7th Feb 2012 00:59

Yep I have heard that too. I think that they see it is the only way to stay competitive. It is a shame for the long term staff. I think that the bigwigs in corporate need to sit down and work out if they want to fight to save the flying Kangaroo - the icon of australian aviation - or do the r word - redo. A fresh new approach to the way they operate, VA have had a overhaul and seem to be going good for them.
Now they are talking about selling off Jetstar :eek:

Alan Joyce needs a big kick up the backside and fight

I will now get off my soapbox

Tainlovestofly 7th Feb 2012 01:57

It's a shame, because I, and many people I know would love to work for Qantas mainline, yet are not willing to give up our fulltime flying jobs elsewhere in exchange for a casual job at mainline. Too risky. I'd want a fulltime position for sure.

But I guess there are enough people out there who don't care about that and will happily take on a casual job and not mind that they don't get stable hours, any benefits or have Qantas paying their bills.

Sydneysider88 7th Feb 2012 02:05

I think everyone would be in the boat of wanting mainline. Casual is not ideal but if that's what it is, then I guess it suits some.

You still get benefits also. They aren't too bad, and people who I know who are casuals earn more than FT staff at the moment. That's just the people I know anyway. Mainline FT would be amazing. But obviously Qantas benefits from casual labour hire.

JacintaMerri 7th Feb 2012 08:29

That's the word on the street in Victoria too.

F/T is still being offered but only to casuals.

@Marly - Theyll never sell off Jetstar....eeeever.(...well, not any time soon) Fact In two years time, the expected growth of Jetstar will be 10 times its current size.

bbear75 7th Feb 2012 23:25

All the crew that are leaving are doing so voluntarily. For most, their career is winding down and the payout conditions suit them. With several 747 retiring in the next few years, and changes to destinations they made a decision based on what suits them. No one has lost their job. Around 440 crew took the VR package. Qantas have decided that a casual work base suits them re flexibility. At the moment all the longhaul EBAs are based on a full time/part time contract, who knows what will happen when it's up for negotiation this year. Hiring casual domestic crew and transferring them to the A380 as needed obviously allows greater flexibility to the company whilst so many changes are happening. Ultimately it would work in Qantas' favour to employ everyone on leaner conditions and pay.
Like I said in another thread the training centre is booked solid at the moment with domestic-A380 conversion classes. I would think a MAM position would open up to a A380 full time position fairly quickly. 3 more aircraft coming means over 300 crew needed and the 747 crew don't want to work on the aircraft, so where does that leave the recruitment? Mam Casual.

Jecui 25th Nov 2012 04:23

Is there anyone on here that has transferred from MAM to QCCA in the past? I would love to hear how they've found flying for QCCA in comparison to flying domestically under the MAM contract, and whether they're happy they transferred. I would be interested in hearing from other QCCA crew in general, regarding what it's like to work on the A380 too.

Tyman 6th May 2013 08:05

More A380's?
So it looks like these guys are hiring again whats the goss on this recruitment? Full-time casual second languages?....:confused:

GalleyHag 6th May 2013 12:38

go to the careers section on qantas.com you will see they are full time positions and no second language is required.

moonie 8th May 2013 20:26

I am SO EXCITED about the Qantas recruitment happening now. Yeah!!!!
Does anybody know any more info than is already on the Qantas website - specifically about what types of people they are looking for? Long Haul / Short Haul? I live in Brisbane. Will it improve my chances if I offer to move to Sydney/Melbourne? Although a second language is not a requirement in the job ad, am I kidding myself thinking that I have a chance only speaking English? I imagine most Long Haul crew have a second language? Soooo excited!!

GalleyHag 8th May 2013 22:58

QCCA employ flight attendants in the International division only therefore you will be flying long haul on the A380. QCCA crew are based in Sydney and Melbourne. Initially you may have to relocate to your assigned base but there are plenty of QCCA crew that live in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and commute.

Recruitment had just been undertaken for language speakers for QCCA therefore having no second language will not hold you back as this is not a language speaker recruitment drive.

Bluesky20 11th May 2013 12:23

Apparently they're just accepting expressions of interest for now.

GoldCoast1 12th May 2013 04:53

Hi Bluesky,

I think you'll find they are actively recruiting:D

catzparadise 15th May 2013 09:38

QCCA interview

bean_pole_69 16th May 2013 04:29

Conditions & Pay
Hi All, I don't normally ask things like this, but could any current employee give an idea of what the fortnightly pay is? Also an idea of what kind of trips you do & average nights away? I've read the EBA but its pretty basic, do you receive meal allowances as well as DTA? I've been invited to an assessment day, so any information would be greatly appreciated!

moonie 16th May 2013 11:03

Galleyhag! Thanks for the very informative post and answers to my questions.
I am looking for a copy of the current QCCA EBA. Is it EBA9? I cannot seem to find a copy I can look at. Any ideas?

Firecat 17th May 2013 03:47

Read The Fine Print
Domestic recruitment is likely for ADL or PER
QCCA international needs careful scrutiny
Time at home
Hours worked per roster
Dont let the stars get in your eyes.The job has changed over the last few years.Pay is lower than it used to be.Sometimes you only get two days at home between trips.Most sectors are longhaul(13hrs plus).Slip time in DXB for example is 17hrs.QCCA has three destinations at present:HKG DXB LAX
You can be rostered up to 240hr/56 day Bid period.
If you havent travelled much the first year can be the best and the worst .
Sleep deprivation.More chest infections/colds than you've had in your life.Skin problems.Eye infections.Processed aircraft food.
Go in with your eyes wide open.Especially if you already have a well paid job.
Sorry dont mean to be negative just honest
Domestic is the way to go.Less Stress on your body.You can always move over to mainline/longhaul later.Generally the pay is better also

QueenBuzzzzz 17th May 2013 06:33

While I agree that everyone should look at pay and conditions before starting QCCA, I would like to clear up some of Firecat's misinformation.

The slip time in Dubai is over 30 hours, not 17 hours.

Yes, we do sometimes have only 2 days after a trip, but we also have up to 10 days off in a row in an 8 week roster period.

Yes, 2 of our trips are looooong haul (17 hour shifts), however this also means a lot of overtime (payable after 12 hours then again after 14)

Expect to do 6-8 trips in an 8 week period. You will have 18 days off officially, but in reality you will have another 10 minimum. This is because the LA and DXB trips are very high hours in a short amount of time and you can't be rostered more than 7 in 8 weeks. So, more money and lots of time at home.

Base pay is low, but with tax free allowances and overtime expect to clear $55 000 a year.

Both domestic flying and international flying are fantastic and suit people for many different reasons.

EBA 9 is currently before FWA, so we are still under EBA 8.

Good luck to everyone applying, I still love my job immensely after 5 years!

Tyman 17th May 2013 07:43

QUEENBUZZ thanks for the info just what I was looking for. :D

So who gets the Red and Pink variants of the new uniform?

Pink Long-haul???????
Red Domestic??????

Or visa versa who's in the know? :ugh:

And also is it going to be Mr CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels? :cool:
They looked like in the Catwalk show.

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