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TightSlot 13th Aug 2007 12:04

Virgin Atlantic - Wannabes & Recruitment II
Please use the forum SEARCH function for previous threads on this subject - Your question may have been answered already

Airhostessdream 13th Aug 2007 16:18

Virgin Interview 24th Aug
Hello Guys! At last sunshine is coming out way. I have an interview with Virgin on the 24TH August, just wondering does anybody have an interview that day!:E

jamie_brighton 14th Aug 2007 20:34

VA CC course starting September...
Hi there!

I'm James and starting my CC training in September with VA...(despite having my interview in May!) Was just wondering if anyone else is or knows of anyone who's starting at the same time?


jamie_brighton 14th Aug 2007 20:56

Hi There!

I'm James, I had my interview back in May but no courses were starting until September...I would imagine if you get through you might be on the same course as me so best of luck!!!

James :ok:

finomvadas 16th Aug 2007 14:56

virgin interviews
Good luck with it, I had an interview last year and didn't get it, but there were nice and I guess I had just chopped and changed for the last five years and verifying my references was too hard. I mean like the addess of your job centre! How are you going to remember that? Especially if you havce been living abroad.
Enjoy the sun!

keiranlgw 17th Aug 2007 23:36

Start Date
Hey all,

I had my interview on the 8th August and had a call today telling me I start my training on 5th November and contract in the post!!

Anyone else start training on 5th November???

paulaAEU 18th Aug 2007 07:57

Start date...
Hi Kieren... Congrats on getting your start date!! woo! I had my interview on 26th july...got the job but still haven't heard anything regarding a start date..getting really worried! Have you heard that anyone else from your interview hasn't got their start date yet? thanks, paula

Claudinho 18th Aug 2007 15:12

Thinking of applying for virgin myself. Just wondering if they want a Uk national insurance nr when attending an interview?

Best Regards,


keiranlgw 18th Aug 2007 16:18


Don't know about anyone else on my interview day, there were only 6 of us and they were from all over the country! Hope you get a date soon! Maybe even on the 5th with me!

redgirlcrew 18th Aug 2007 18:12

8th October
Hi All

Anybody else starting training on 8th October? Also does anybody want a lodger mon - thurs for 6 wks?

Look forward to hearing from anyonen who will be training with me.


Airhostessdream 21st Aug 2007 16:26

Interviews now held at Base:
Hello Guys!

I notice that Virgin are not doing their Cabin crew interviews at the Base rather than the Concorde building at Gatwick, as before. I wonder why this is? Does anyone know why? and also where abouts in the Base do they hold the interviews now?
It was very simple last time, as I did not have to get a cab or bus, as the concorde building is attached to the airport.
Oh well , the main thing is getting the job folks :)
So no one on here has an interview this Friday 24th?? xx

VSxx 22nd Aug 2007 17:18

Start date :-)
Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is starting on the 29th October? can't wait! :)

keiranlgw 23rd Aug 2007 00:07

:):) Hiya all, anyone starting training on 5th November with me? :):)

paulaAEU 23rd Aug 2007 07:06

Hi vsxx... I'm starting on the 29th October! Are you excited?! I can't wait! Paula

LIKE A VIRGIN 24th Aug 2007 22:44

I am due to start my training on 8 October. Very excited. Am phoning next week to arrange for my uniform fitting. Is anyone else starting on that date?

ste29uk 26th Aug 2007 20:34

Interview tips!
Hi everyone

I have an interview coming up shortly with Virgin Atlantic and was wondering if anyone could give me any hints or tips of what to expect. This would be a great help the more knowledge the better. Thanks everyone in advance..:)

ste29uk 26th Aug 2007 20:37

hi i saw your post about the interview, how did it go?? I have got mine on the 29th so I am quite nervous but looking forward to it. Do you have any tips or hints ofwhat to expect which could help me out? Anyway I really hope you get the job and good luck. Stephen

redgirlcrew 27th Aug 2007 15:43

Yep that will be me. But if you have read accomadation thread then you will know that....................LOL

faye 29th Aug 2007 12:27

Hi all!I start with Virgin on the 8th of October-is there anyone on this course that is coming from near Manchester??!!!I live in Cheshire-feel like i'm going to have a nightmare coming back and forth!!!

redgirlcrew 29th Aug 2007 17:39

8th october
:D Yahooo, that's four of us, all girlies on the 8th October course. One from Norwich, One from London me from Wiltshire and you. Are you going to lodge during the week or move down.
We are all very excited.

Red crew girl.

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